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Tel Aviv - Culture and Leisure

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Museum lovers will be delighted to discover that Tel Aviv is dotted with dozens of museums full of rich exhibits from all aspects. Museums of art, history, culture, nature and science, with zionist, pacifist or religious background... Show list

List of all museums in Tel Aviv:

Source: www.ilmuseums.com


The city of Tel Aviv may be home to a larger-than-expected number of theaters which host a numerous plays, shows and concerts of local and international acters from all over the world... Show list

Below is a list of all Theaters in Tel Aviv:

Theater Address Website Phone

Beit lessin Theatre

Dizengoff 101, City Center Beit Lessin 03- 7255333


Mazal Dagim 8, Old Jaffa Hasimta 03- 6812126

Karov theatre

Levinsky 116, Newe Shaanan Karov theatre 03- 6885004

Cameri theatre

Leonardo De-vinchi 30, Haqiria Qtr Cameri theatre 03- 6060960

Mandel cultural Center

Hatkooma 1, Jaffa Mandel cultural Center 03- 6819289

Theatre of the Body

salame 46 (inner yard), Florentin Theatre of the Body 03- 5184471

Gesher Theatre

Jerusalem Ave 9, Jaffa Gesher Theatre 03-5182812

Arison hall

Saadia Gaon 7, Karlibach Qtr Arison hall 03-5603110

bambola – puppets show for kids

Bar Kochva 16, City Center bambola – puppets show for kids 077-4438800

Beit Hayal

Weitzman 60, Yehuda Macabi Qtr Beit Hayal 03-6295555

Bikurey Ha'Itim

Heftman 6, Haqiria Qtr Bikurey Ha'Itim 03-6919510

Camel comedy club

Nachlat Benyamin 52, Rothchild Qtr Camel comedy club 03-6393434

Carousel Theater

Dizengoff 75, City Center Carousel Theater 057-7827000

Clipa Theatre

HaRakevet 38, Newe Shaanan Clipa Theatre 03-6879219

Do touch

Jafa port , Old Jaffa Do touch 03-6330808


Changing location , Around Town Etgar 077-7080210

Gesher Hangar

Eilat 11, Noga Qtr Gesher Hangar 03-5182853

Habima national theatre

Tarsat Ave 2, Habima Qtr Habima national theatre 03-6295555

Hangar 2

Jafa port Hangar 2, Old Jaffa Hangar 2

Hiechal hatarbut

Hoberman 1, Habima Qtr Hiechal hatarbut 03-5289163


Tushia 4, Montifiori IMPRO CO 03-5222838

Inbal ethnic Arts center

Yehieli 6, Neve Tzedek Inbal ethnic Arts center 03-5173711

Melenki theatre

Changing location , Around Town Melenki theatre 03-

Notzar Bat Yam

Changing location , Around Town Notzar Bat Yam 03-6350772

Orna Porat Theatre

Changing location , Around Town Orna Porat Theatre 03-6023531

Park theatre

Yehushua parks , Hayarkon River Park theatre 03-7448044

Sophy moskovitz school of performance art

Levinsky 116, Newe Shaanan Sophy moskovitz school of performance art 03-5372525


Mevaser 22, East TA Studioact 03-6886514


Dizengoff Center , City Center Teahatron 050-9596776

Tel Aviv Theater

Karlibach 18, Karlibach Qtr Tel Aviv Theater 073-2448019

Tel-Aviv Community Theatre at Beit-Yad Labanim TACT

Pinkas 63, Yehuda Macabi Qtr TACT 03-5467404

The Arab Hebrew theatre

Mifratz Shlomo 10, Old Jaffa Mifratz Shlomo 03-5185540/63

The room theatre

Harav Kook 8, Boardwalk The room theatre 03-5171818

Tmuna Theatre

Shonzino 8, Montifiori Tmuna Theatre 03-5629462


Ibn Gvirol 30, Ibn Gvirol Tsavta 03-6950156/7

Yiddishpiel theatre

Changing location , Around Town Yiddishpiel theatre 03-5254660

YUNG YiDiSH center

New central station Studio 5008, 5th floor, Newe Shaanan YUNG YiDiSH center 03-6874433


Marmorek 28, Habima Qtr Theatronkale 03-


For those who enjoy to spend a quality time with a good movie in the cinema, The city of Tel Aviv offers several movie theaters which present new actual movies and also foreign movies... Show list

Cinemas in Tel Aviv area


Phone Number: 03-606-0800
View movie listing here


Phone Number: 03-620-0485
View movie listing here


Phone Number: 03-696-7888
View movie listing here

Rav Chen - Givatayim

Phone Number: *2202/ 03-731-1849
View movie listing here


Phone Number: *2235
View movie listing here

Lev - Tel Aviv

Phone Number: 03-621-2222/00
View movie listing here


Phone Number: 03-741-2666
View movie listing here

Ramat Gan - Lev Elram

Phone Number: 03-672-2122
View movie listing here

Ramat Gan- Yes Planet Ayalon

Phone Number: 03-579-8570
View movie listing here

Rav Chen Dizengoff(dizengoff circle)

Phone Number: 03-528-2288
View movie listing here

Rav Chen-Opera House

Phone Number: 03-510-2674

Tel-Aviv Museum

Phone Number: 03-607-7020

Herzlya - Lev Daniel

Phone Number: 09-951-9475/6
View movie listing here

Herzlya- Rav Chen

Phone Number: *2202/ 09-957-9022
View movie listing here

Petach Tikva- Rav Chen

Phone Number: *2202/ 03-921-6474
View movie listing here

Rishon Lezion- Hazahav

Phone Number: 03-9514968
View movie listing here

Rishon Lezion- Rav Chen

Phone Number: 03-9670504
View movie listing here

Cinemas in HaSharon area

Hod Hasharon- Globus

Phone Number: 09-740-8592
View movie listing here

Kfar Saba- Globus

Phone Number: 09-767-7370
View movie listing here

Netanya-Globus Max

Phone Number: *2235
View movie listing here

Netanya- Rav Chen

Phone Number:*2202/ 09-861-8570
View movie listing here

Raanana- Cinema Park

Phone Number: 09-771-1321
View movie listing here

Raanana- Cinema Raanan

Phone Number: 1-700-50-60-40/
09-744-7711/ 09-744-4420 
View movie listing here

Raanana- Mofet

Phone Number: 09- 748-2915
View movie listing here

Ramat Hasharon- Cinema City

Phone Number: 03-741-4541/1-700-702-255
View movie listing here

Ramat Hasharon- Kochav

Phone Number: 03-549-1979
View movie listing here


People who like to go out and enjoy the evenings with good food will love Tel Aviv which has plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs that offer a variety of all kind of food, from mediterranean Israeli food to European food... Show list

There are 1932 restaurants in Tel Aviv:

Restaurants Details Address Phone Coupon Reservation
Amore Mio More details 100 Tel Aviv 03-5244040
Baba yaga More details hayarkon 12 Tel Aviv 03-5167305 HyperLink Order now
Babai More details Kedem 123 Tel Aviv 03-6593999 HyperLink Order now
Bar gyora More details Dizenghof 64 Tel Aviv 03-6204880 Order now
Boccaccio More details 106 Tel Aviv 03-5246837 HyperLink Order now
Butchery De Bariloche More details Habarzel 4 Tel Aviv 077-5309700 Order now
Cafe batya More details Dizingof 197 03-5221335
casa nova More details 48 03-5413636 HyperLink Order now
cena More details montefiore 42 03-5605252 Order now
Chloelys More details aba hilel 16 Ramat Gan 03-5759060 Order now
Container More details Yafa port 03-6836321 Order now
Gordo More details hayarkon 121 03-5293929 Order now
Hayarkon 99
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Hayarkon 99 Tel Aviv 03-5202410 Order now
Hazaken Vehayam More details kedem 83 Tel Aviv 03-6818699
Italkia Bapishpeshim More details Olei Zion 16 Tel Aviv 03-6829678 Order now
Kimmel More details hashahar 6 Tel Aviv 03-5105204 HyperLink Order now
la lasagna
Kosher: Rabanut
More details 177 Dizingoff St Tel Aviv 03-5230037 Order now
La Terrasse
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Ehad Ha'am 14 Col-Bo Shalom Tel Aviv 03-5105555
Le Relais Jaffa
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Bat Ami 7 Noga Theature Promenade (Gesher) Tel Aviv 03-6810637, 03-6811749 HyperLink Order now
Leo Bloom's More details Raoul Wallenberg 24, Ramat Hahayal Tel Aviv 03-6482126
Little Prague More details 56 Allenby St. Tel Aviv 03-5168137
Mexicana More details Bugrashov 7 Tel Aviv 03-5279911 Order now
Mike's Place More details 86 Herbert Samuel St Tel Aviv 03-5106392 Order now
mike's place More details raul valenberg 24 ramat hahayal Tel Aviv 03-5102677 / 03-6494901 Order now
Mike's Place More details Dizingof 342 Tel Aviv 03-6024526 Order now

See the complete list of restaurants in Tel Aviv

Nightlife clubs and bars

Tel Aviv is nicknamed "the city that never stops", the entire city is full of spots to hang out, dance clubs, bars, pubs and non stop parties all over the city. There are numerous clubs and bars all over Tel Aviv, therefor we try to bring you some of the top chosen places... Show list


www.igoogledisrael.com offers a list of 10 highly recommended bars. Oozing alcohol, good vibes and plenty of good times, this list is by no means a list of the very finest bars, but should give you a great introduction to the bar scene in the city that never sleeps… Show list
 M.A.S.H: Tel Aviv’s first real pub, founded in 1982, the MASH pub has become one of the must see pubs if you’re looking for a bit of English, some sport (usually the English Premier League) and some fine draft beer. On certain nights, especially footie nights, there is a unique atmosphere created by mixing Anglos with a little slice of Israeli mentality thrown in. Worth a drink or 3.
275 Dizengoff Street www.mash.co.il
 Molly Blooms: A traditional Irish bar, authentically laid out and with a great atmosphere, especially on live Irish music nights (Monday and Wednesday). Quite probably the finest Guiness on tap in Tel Aviv, plus a very fine and creamy Kilkenny.
2 Mendele Street www.molly-blooms.com
 Betty Ford: This has recently become one of my favourite bars. Located in the “in” area around Nahalat Binyamin (so if you don’t like it you can just stagger on to the next bar down the road), it’s kind of a mix between a neighborhood bar and a posey “in crowd” place. The food is good and the bartenders friendly and professional. There’s table soccer free of charge in the basement (I’m such a sore loser), while the owner often gets behind the turntable and plays some decent tunes. If he listens to you.
48 Nahalat Binyamin www.bettyford.co.il
 Abraxas: Located at the top of Lillenblum Street, Tel Aviv’s bar rich street, this place doesn’t look much from the outside. The bar is shaped irregularly, the crowd is a mix of all sorts and there is a pool table on the second floor. Can get a little packed, like most of the bars in this area, but generally a very good place for a very good time. Guys, don’t forget to use your English accents…
40 Lillenblum Street
 The Minzar: A Tel Aviv classic, a drinking hole that you’ll never understand why is such a classic. I used to have a few drinks here and never understood why it has become a hit. It’s simple, with fairly old furniture and a drinkers vibe that brings some magic. Anyone is welcome. Worth a drink here just to get a feel for the place. If you like it, you’ll be back every day…
60 Allenby Street
 Brewhouse: Another well-presented bar, with a massive gold tank centerpiece used for brewing the three house beers. Be'er isn’t bad at all, and accompanied by the meat-rich menu and sauerkraut, it’s a great place to visit. That is, if your wallet is full, because it ain’t cheap here. Live jazz is featured on Fridays, 2pm-5pm and Sundays 9pm-midnight.
11 Sderot Rothschild www.rest.co.il/brewhouse
 Cafe Noga: This is for those of you who love to shoot some pool accompanied by music and beer and cute waitresses. Called a cafe, but really not a cafe, the place has a ton of pool tables, with a few tucked in intimate corners. The food isn’t amazing, but you only need something to soak up the alcohol…
4 Pinsker Street
 Joey’s Bar: Another more Anglo-oriented place that has claimed its role in Tel Aviv’s nightlife. Not many Israelis end up here at this American styled bar, though all that do usually end up having a great time. Sometimes dancing can grip the place, sometimes not. But the touristy vibe is always there. Worth checking out.
42 Allenby Street
 Banana Beach: The ultimate beach bar, metres from the Mediterranean and metres from the heart of Tel Aviv. This place has grown and grown over the years and is now a nice place to chill out at during those hot summer nights. Just feeling the sand between your toes…aaahh. This is perhaps the most popular of all Tel Aviv beach bars and usually screens free movies during the summer, as well as the occasional football match.
Next to the Dolphinarium, Tel Aviv promenade
 Mike’s Place: A great place to hear live music and drink beer, and just across the road from the beach. This place was hit by a suicide bomber in 2003, but has gone from strength to strength since then. A mix of live blues and rock-and-roll with no cover charge has proven popular with all music lovers.
86 Herbert Samuel www.mikesplacebars.com


There are plenty of clubs all over Tel Aviv, and each one of them fits a different crowd.
www.yourway.co.il suggests you a list of 10 highly recommended clubs in Tel Aviv area… Show list
  Sublet Roof Bar, Tel Aviv
On top of one of Tel Aviv's most beautiful roofs overlooking Tel Aviv's magnificent beaches lays the Sublet Bar/Lounge. A breathta... Read More
6 Koifman street, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  Ya Ya Club Tel Aviv
The Israeli summer has arrived. The humidity is climbing higher, the days are growing longer, and the clothes are getting shorter.... Read More
3 Ben Yehuda street, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  Chin Chin Club, Tel Aviv
Chin Chin Tel Aviv is as home-from-home and Israeli as it gets. Chin Chin rose from the ashes of the old Whisky-a-Gogo, and if ... Read More
3 Hatauracha street, Tel Aviv port, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  Galina Dance Bar, Tel Aviv
The Galina is with out a doubt one of the hottest spots in Tel Aviv's magnificent port. It is situated on a huge deck overlooking ... Read More
Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  Gazoz Dance Bar, Tel Aviv
The Gazoz was first opened at the summer of 2010 and has been highly successful from day one. At the Gazoz you will find ... Read More
1 Yordai Hasira, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  Octopus Club, Tel Aviv
A new dance bar recently opened up In Israel's popular entertainment spot – the renovated Tel-Aviv Port area. Its simple ide... Read More
3 Hatauracha street, Tel Aviv port, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  The Gossip Club, Tel Aviv Night club The Gossip Dance Club is located right next to Tel Aviv’s courthouse in its city center. It belongs to the owners of the Gal... Read More
6 Dafna street, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  The Key "Hamafteah" Club, Tel Aviv
If you're like the Trans and Techno scene you have definitely reached the right place. The Key Club is situated in a basement on B... Read More
77 Ben Yehuda street, Tel Aviv  Show on map
  Dizingoff Club Tel Aviv
Israel’s hottest new club is open for business and making waves in the Tel Aviv scene. Owned by Israeli movie stars Oshri Co... Read More
9 Dizengoff street (Dizengoff Squre), Tel Aviv  Show on map
  The Cat And The Dog Club Tel Aviv
If you love House, Trans, Techno or any other electronic music, the Cat and the Dog is one of the places for you.  The Cat an... Read More
23 Carlebach street, Tel Aviv  Show on map

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