Umwandlung Programme in Israel

List of Umwandlung Ulpanim

Two main bodies operate recognized Ulpanim, which function in cooperation with the rabbinical courts:
  • The Ministry of Education's Umwandlung Ulpanim
  • The Joint Umwandlung Institute, that operates three distinct Umwandlung Programme for soldiers, students and civilians

List of Umwandlung Programme

In addition, Jusaism Studien may take place under various (non-profit) organizations:
The Institute for Jewish Studien aims to provide appropriate training and preparation for immigrants seeking to convert. It offers academic instruction in various Sprachen in three main Programme:
  • Soldiers program - 7 weeks boarding school program, or 11 weeks on a daily basis between 08:00-17:00 
  • General public program – an evening program which takes place twice a week for 10 months
  • Students program – this program takes place once a week for 10 months and involves personal tuition and Studien in small groups in addition to the frontal instructions.
For further details and enrollment in the Institute for Jewish Studien please cAlle 1-800-210-558

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