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Northern Israel - Nützliche Links

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The list below includes the most Nützliche Linkswith Informationen über Northern Israel.

The officail website of Haifa
The website provides Informationen über Regierung institutions, business, national sites, cultural events and activities, accomodation, flights and everything one might need visiting, touring or living in Haifa.
The Go Galilee project will acquaint you with the region's important sites and Alleow you to experience its atmosphere and beauty up close. It will enable you to plan ideal holidays for groups, individuals, families, and adventure seekers.
This site offers you a link to Alle the Informationen for your travel in the birthplace of faith, the stage of Biblical drama captivating hearts for 3000 years, a reflection of a colorful narrative of history, as well as the beating heart of modern Israel, a place where breathtaking landscape offers an abundance of leisure activities, restaurants, pubs, marine sports and much more.
mynet - Haifa and surroundings news (Hebräisch )
Mynet is Israel's largest local-news internet portal, aiming to change way of local news coverage by bringing periphery closer to us. Mynet focuses on municipal news, cultural activities and sporting events, as well as reports on local topics of interest that are usuAlley ignored by the other media - education, community affairs and Immobilien.
The Haifa tourismuswebsite provides Informationen on Alle kinds of activities happening in Haifa: events, accomodation, restaurants, tours, shopping, beaches, Holy Places, museums and much more.
The website provides Informationen on Alle you might need to know before going to Israel: places to visit, food to eat, things to do and things to avoid. The site is a reference point for good and bad things Über Israel from an objective perspective.
Tourist Israel has now established itself as one of the largest Israel travel Webseiten with a special niche. Established since 2008, The site provides lots of Informationen über places to visit, things to do, events and other activities in Northern Israel.
Janglo - Community Portexia
Janglo was started in June 2001 as a free community service to help people in the Jerusalem area exchange Informationen über "stuff", like jobs, apartments, events, and sales. Janglo North provides Informationen über Haifa, Galilee and The Golan.


Yourway is a company aimed at providing every need of any tourist when visiting Israel. While most Israeli tourist companies are trying to fit your stay to Israel, we try to do the exact opposite. Our mission is to Alleow you to discover Israel in a way which no tourist company did before. Yourway provides Informationen über main sites in Nortern Israel such as: Haifa, Acre, Caesarea, Galilee and The Golan.
Safed.co.il is dedicated to providing up-to-date Informationen on the city of Safed, its people, its history, its places of importance, and its cultural events.


This site was created by the Israeli Ministry of tourism, located in Jerusalem, Israel. The site is available in different Sprachen (see the "choose language" bar), each maintained by the Ministry's respective office abroad. In the website you can find a lot of useful Informationen über Northern Israel.
Jercity.com website is a complete travel-guide for Haifa and surroundings. It provides Informationen über tourist attractions, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, events, shops, beauty salons, spas and other places of interest.

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