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Kibbutz Freiwilligenarbeit Programme


In order to join a kibbutz as a freiwillig, Alle you have to do is to register to the Kibbutz Program Center of The Kibbutz Movement. For US and Canada there is also an option to register through the Ameinu organization

You can also try the new website at:

Kibbutz Program Center

Since 1967 more than one hundred thousand kibbutz freiwilligs have arrived in Israel. Moreover, the number is still growing. As the freiwilligs contribute to the needs of the kibbutz, the kibbutz offers in return an exciting and unique working holiday experience. A holiday with the possibility to meet, live and work with both Israeli youngsters as well as with other kibbutz freiwilligs from countries and cultures from far and near.

In order to join the freiwillig program, you need to register in advance while you are in your country

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The Kibbutz Movement
“The Movement” is the central headquarters representing Alle of the kibbutzim in dealing with Regierung and regional authorities on Alle levels. In addition, the Movement supplies a variety of services related to different aspects of daily life, both from its main offices, through its subdivisions and administrative departments.
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The Ameinu website:

Ameinu & The Kibbutz Program Center

The Kibbutz Program Center (KPC) is dedicated to connecting young adults across the United States and Canada with exciting and inspiring Programme in Israel. As one of the premier providers of long and short term Israel experiences both on and off kibbutzim in Israel, KPC offers a wide range of options. Some experiences focus on Hebräisch language while living within the unique society of kibbutz.

In order to join the freiwillig program, you need register in advance

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The Kibbutz Program Center was created as a shared vision of the Israeli Kibbutz movement and the Jewish Agency. Today it is managed by Ameinu the leading progressive Zionist membership organization in the United States. Ameinu believes that providing a variety of Programme and opportunities in Israel to young people in Canada and the United States is a crucial element of fulfilling its mission.
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