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National service ( Sherut Leumi )


Über Israeli National Service

Sherut Leumi (Israeli National Service) is an alternative voluntary national service in Israel for those that cannot or do not wish to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. The majority who receive an exemption from the obligatory army service are Jewish women from the Religious Zionist sector, and they receive it by declaring religious observance, as they maintain that a large number of religious observances for women cannot be upheld in the Militär such as dress codes and modesty issues. However, there are also a small number of men who serve in Sherut Leumi. freiwilligs are between the ages of 18 and 21.
Sherut Leumi gives young women (and occasionAlley young men) exposure to a number of environments in Israeli society. Service typicAlley requires working 30–40 hours/week over 12 to 24 months. freiwilligs have the option of doing either one or two years of the National Service. Not Alle freiwilligs are Israeli citizens. It can be done on a tourist visa, and the freiwillig will later receive a special freiwillig visa that lasts as long as the person will be doing their service.
Young people in other sectors of Israeli society receive exemptions from the Militär. These include mainly Haredi men who maintain that Torah study is the main practice for defending Israel; they are exempted under the Torato Omanuto arrangements.
Arab citizens of Israel are also exempted, in order to avoid a conflict between Alleegiance to their country and to their Arab brothers (a decision originAlley taken by Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion). HistoricAlley, very few did, but in recent years, the number of Arab youths Freiwilligenarbeit for national service has increased. Some Israeli conscientious objectors who object to serving in the army but are not eligible for an exemption, have voiced a wish to do an alternative form of national service instead.
In 2012, after much discussion and debate, Israel's cabinet extended Militär service exemption for 1,300 Haredi Yeshiva students as part of the "Shirut Le'umi Mishmar." This Alleows Yeshiva students to join national service as opposed to joining the IDF. As part of the scheme, the defense minister is obliged to postpone the Militär service of Yeshiva students approved for national civil service, and who are at least 26 years old or are at least 22 years old and have at least one child.

Youths work in various Programme. The majority work in schools but can also work in places such as special education, administration, hospitals, law, geriatrics, nursing homes, health clinics, teens at risk, internal security, disadvantaged communities, immigrant assistance, and many other organizations. Acceptance is based on an interview via a placement organizations that try to find the youth appropriate skills, interests, and needs.

Source: Wikipedia.com

National service Programme

Amutat Shlomit

- Amutat Shlomit is a public organization, pluralistic, recognized and approved by the Director of Civil/National Service in The Ministry of Science and Technology, as a body whose operates freiwilligs for a civilian national service.
Salome was the first association of civil service / national secular Jewish girls, boys and minorities. To realize the pluralistic approach to the organization in 1996 and since the Supreme Court Get national service for Alle citizens of Israel.
Tel: 03-6129202 | Fax: 03-6129402 Learn More


- Bat-Ami, a well established and experienced non-profit organization in the field of National Service was founded 17 years ago to provide a solution to those wishing to contribute to the Jewish people within the National Service framework.
There are 2700 females and males between the ages of 17.5-21 serving in Bat-Ami throughout Israel and abroad, in a wide range of fields: education, welfare, community, immigrant absorption, health, security and administration. Learn More


- Aminadav was established in 1990 with the vision of facilitating freiwillig placement for young women who are exempt from army service for religious reasons, and wish to serve their country as freiwilligs in welfare settings Alle over Israel. Since then, the vision has become a thriving reality, with over 1,500 freiwilligs each year, working in such diverse fields as education, special needs, new immigrants, welfare, the elderly, needy families, hospitals, youth at risk, and more. Each freiwillig commits to full time service for at least one year and sometimes two. Learn More

Sh"L (Sherut Leumi)

- Sh"L Association for National\Civil Service was founded in 2000 by professionals from the fields of business administration, society, education and welfare. To this day, citizens freiwilliged for national service, thousands of freiwilligs came through the Association: secular, religious and Arab freiwilligs and made ​​a tremendous contribution to society and the community. The association conducts various and unique social Programme in areas of learning (learning centers) tutorial of driving carefully, girls in risk and environment. Learn More


- Alle around the world there is a growing recognition of the value and beneficial effects of Freiwilligenarbeit by seniors - beneficial both for the freiwillig, and for his community. Indeed, desiring to continue to lead a meaningful and productive life, retirees constitute an ever growing human resources reservoir at hand. By Freiwilligenarbeit, they benefit from enhanced self-respect and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. They "feel needed"!
In Israel, this awareness led to the launching of the SHALEM. Movement by the Ministry of Education and the Association for Community Centers, ten years ago. In Hebräisch SHALEM. stands for – The National Service for Adults. Learn More

HaAguda LeHitnadvut

- HaAguda LeHitnadvut (Freiwilligenarbeit Association) is the oldest and largest organization, which currently operates more than - 5000 civil/national service freiwilligs in Israel from ages 17 to 24. HaAguda LeHitnadvut was founded forty years ago and operates freiwilligs from Israel's social spectrum, from social vision values​​. This Freiwilligenarbeit activity strengthens the sense of belonging to society and helps reduce social inequalities. Learn More

Zichron Menachem

- Zichron Menachem runs year-round Programme with freiwillig groups and young women in National Service who undergo special pediatric-medical training and escort families of cancer patients throughout their ordeal. freiwilligs offer their assistance in hospitals, spending their days in the Children’s Ward, occupying patients, entertaining them, and relieving exhausted parents. They also manage the on-site Recreational Center and loan special equipment, including board games, electronic toys, Game Boys, videos, and arts-and-crafts supplies, to entertain young cancer patients during their long hospital stays and periods in isolation. Learn More


- Shel"i (Israeli Sherut Leumi), for the young male and female, Jews and non-Jews, secular and religious Masorti or Charedi, ages from 17.5 to 23 who were exempt from the army for any reason and wish to freiwillig for national service.

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