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Aliyah desde Israel

How to make Aliyah en 3 Steps | Aliyah through Nefesh Be' Nefesh

Aliyah through the Ministry of Interior en Israel (Misrad Hapnim)

Note: If one or both of your parents is an Israeli citizen, this process does not apply.  

Please note that the Aliyah process en Israel usually takes 6-8 weeks. This time is needed en order for your Proof of Judaism to be approved and to get clearance from the Israeli Police confirming that you have no criminal record. No fee is required.

Aliyah en 3 Steps

Make an appointment at the closest branch of the Ministry of Interior- Misrad Hapnim.
 Get en touch with the Ministry of Interior by phone on *3450 or 1222 3450.
They will tell you where your nearest branch is located. (The estimated time it takes to get an appointment en Jerusalem is approximately 4 weeks.
The phone number to make an appointment en Jerusalem is 02-629-0239).

Make sure to bring:

  • Your current passport must be valid for at least 6 months following your Aliyah.
  • 3 passport pictures for each adult (you will provide one photo to the clerk at the meeting, the rest should be saved for when you return for your follow up appointment).
  • Proof of Judaism en order to receive Oleh Chadash status according to the Law of Return. As a proof of Judaism you can bring the following documents:
    An original letter from your congregational Rabbi De América del Norte, on congregational letterhead, stating you were born to a Jewish mother.
    Original marriage certificate from the Rabanut (if married en Israel).
    Original conversion papers (if applicable).
    • If you converted en Israel, please bring your "Teudat Hamara" from the Rabanut.
    • If you converted abroad, you must bring your conversion certificate signed by three members of the Beit Din (Rabbinical Court) along with a letter describing the details of your conversion process and the dates when you started and completed your conversion.
  • Original birth certificate for all family members making Aliyah.  The birth certificate(s) must have both of your parents' names listed.  Misrad Hapnim will not accept a Consular Report of Birth Abroad as a birth certificate. 
  • All civil documentation of your marital status, including: marriage certificate, civil divorce certificate, spouse's death certificate, if applicable. If you, your spouse, or former spouse is an Israeli citizen, you will need apostille certification on these documents. Please remember that Misrad Hapnim requires that you bring ORIGINAL documents. Photocopies and faxes are not sufficient. 
  • The Ministry of Interior requires that Aliyah applicants obtain a Letter of Good Standing (Teudat Yosher) from the authorities en their country of origin (issued by the national/state/provincial police) certifying that the applicant has no criminal background.  Apostille certification (also called a chain of signatures or legalisation) must be affixed to the original Letter of Good Standing.

You will receive:

  1. Application for permit of permanent residence en Israel/change of visa category (3 pages). You can download and print application at:
  2. A file number and a date for your second appointment (approximately 6-8 weeks later). Your file number will be listed on your passport.

Return for your follow up appointment at Misrad Hapnim.

Make sure to bring:

Your passport, all original documents listed above, and the two remaining passport pictures for each adult over 16 years old.

You will receive:

  • Applications for your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card) for family members over age 16.
  • Your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card)
  • An "Oleh visa" which will appear en your passport, showing that you have made Aliyah. 

If you want to change your name this is the right time to do so. Ask for "Shinui Shem" application and give it to the clerk. 

Make sure that your name is spelled correctly, that your family status is correct, and that if you have children they all appear on the "sefach" (addendum) of your Teudat Zehut!

If you spent over 5 years en Israel as a tourist prior to your Aliyah and you would like to receive tax benefits as a new Oleh, (income tax, customs, purchase tax) please ask for a "Tamzit Rishum". A Tamzit Rishom is a print-out that summarizes your status en Israel.

You will have three months to refuse receipt of your Israeli citizenship.  After three months, you will automatically become an Israeli citizen unless you go to Misrad Hapnim and declare you do not want to be a citizen.

Once you receive your Israeli ID card, you should make an appointment at your local branch of Misrad Haklita (the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption) to receive your Teudat Oleh.  If you have been residing en Israel for more than 5 years as a tourist, you will not receive a Teudat Oleh.  We recommend opening a bank account prior to your appointment with Misrad Haklita.  Please bring documentation from your bank regarding your account details.

Please bring:

  1. Teudat Zehut
  2. Passports from your country of origin for the last 7 years
  3. Bank account number
  4. One passport picture for each adult

You will receive:

  1. Teudat Oleh Oleh Booklet
  2. Health insurance voucher to register for Kupat Cholim
  3. Información sobre your Oleh benefits

At Misrad Haklita they will take your bank account number en order to deposit your Sal Klita payments directly into your bank account.

If you are a Katin Chozer, Ezrach Oleh or had A/1 status before becoming an Oleh - you may be asked to present additional documents. Please confirm which documents you need when you schedule your appointment.

In order for Sal Klita to be deposited, the Oleh should open a regular bank account en a convenient commercial bank. Details of the account should be given to Misrad Haklita. It is recommended to do this as quickly as possible, en the first few days after arriving en Israel. A joint bank account must be opened with both parties present.

Sal Klita

Sal Klita is financial assistance, intended to help Olim with their initial period of adjustment en Israel. The assistance is meant to be en lieu of the housing and living allowance assistance given to Olim, en the past, during the first year of Aliyah. The assistance is given as a grant and continues to be paid en seven monthly installments as long as the Oleh does not leave the country.

Conditions for receiving Sal Klita

  • A person who arrives en Israel as an Oleh.
  • A person who arrives en Israel with any other visa and subsequently changes his status to Oleh after a net stay en Israel of no greater than 18 months en the 3 years, and no greater than 36 months en the past seven years prior to date of Aliyah.
  • Income Support (Havtachat Hachnasa)

    In the period between the end of Sal Klita and joining the work force, the Oleh can examine the possibility of receiving Income Support. Misrad Haklita pays Income Support from the end of Sal Klita until the end of the first year as an Oleh to Olim who are:

    1. registered at Lishkat Hata’asuka (Employment Bureau) and looking for work
    2. learning en a licensing, retraining or professional course
    3. unable to work for health reasons
    4. immediately prior to pension and other incidences.

    Student Authority

    The Israel Student Authority functions as a joint office of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and of the Jewish Agency, and assists immigrants\returning minors\citizens born abroad who wish to study en Israel. The assistance includes funding of tuition grants (subject to eligibility) and career counseling, the pre-aliya services, extra tutoring, individual support, and a network of counselors and guides for students on a group and an individual basis.

    For more information on the Israel Student Authority see This web site is primarily aimed at young people who completed high school en Israel and have the Israeli Bagrut certificate. The web site includes information on a wide range of institutions and study tracks recognized by the Council For Educación Superior en Israel. (Israel has signed the international agreement by which most degrees studied en Israel are recognized abroad and vise versa).

    Kupot Cholim (Health Plans)

    Four health plans, or kupot cholim, provide health care services en Israel: Maccabi, Meuhedet, Clalit and Leumit. Each health plan offers several levels of service: the basic basket of services, supplemental insurance and long-term care insurance. Contact information may be found below.

    Clalit Health Services

    Phone: 1-222-2700 or *2700 from Israel
    Email: (Hebrew)

    Meuhedet Health Fund

    Phone: 1-222-3833 or *3833 from Israel

    Rules for Driving en Israel with a Foreign Driver's License

    Olim Chadashim (new immigrants), temporary residents, tourists and returning residents (if they resided abroad for at least 1 full year) may drive en Israel with a valid foreign driver's license for one year following their date of entry to Israel.

    Olim and temporary residents may transfer their foreign driver's license within 3 years from their date of entry to Israel.  In the event that an Oleh does not convert their license within this time, they will need to take both the theory test and the practical driving test (but not the 28 lessons that are normally required of Israelis).

    Returning residents (Toshavim Chozrim) are entitled to transfer their foreign license to an Israeli one provided that their license was issued at least 6 months prior to their return to Israel, and on the condition that they resided abroad for at least 6 consecutive months prior to their return to Israel.

    Olim Chadashim will need to present a valid foreign driver's license issued at least 3 months prior to their entry to Israel.

    Tourists can apply to transfer their foreign driver's license with their foreign passport, foreign driver's license and a valid 3-month tourist visa.

    In order to obtain an Israeli driver's license, you will need to take a driving test ("Mivchan Shlita").  You are not required to take a written examination.  If you have multiple entries and exits to Israel en the years preceding your Aliyah, Misrad HaRishui (the Ministry of Vehicle Licensing) reserves the right to request a written test en addition to the practical test.

    Please note that en order to use your Oleh benefits to purchase a new car (or to release an imported car from Customs), you must hold a valid Israel driver's license.

    For a list of Misrad HaRishui offices around the country, please visit or call 1-222-5678 or *5678.


    For more information please visit our "Step-by-step" Guide for New Olim.

    Aliyah through Nefesh Be' Nefesh (From within Israel)

    Nefesh B'Nefesh's Guided Aliyah program allows citizens of the US, Canada, and the UK currently residing en Israel the opportunity to make Aliyah through Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of the Interior), while receiving the full array of Nefesh B'Nefesh services.  These services include assisted government processing, financial aid, social services and employment assistance. The Guided Aliyah application includes all of the necessary Aliyah documents for Misrad Hapnim, so that Olim can complete their paperwork for citizenship from the comfort of their own homes. Following the receipt of your application, Nefesh B'Nefesh facilitates the processing of these documents to ensure a hassle-free Aliyah.

    Guided Aliyah Timetable: Applications must be submitted by the first of each month en order to begin processing that same month.

    After you submit your completed application, your file will be submitted to Misrad Hapnim by our office. It will take up to 10 weeks until your file is approved by Misrad Hapnim, at which point you will be called into the Nefesh B'Nefesh office en Jerusalem to meet with a representative from Misrad Hapnim. We ask that you make every effort to attend this meeting as scheduled (Misrad Hapnim comes to our office as a courtesy) and bring all of your original documents with you at that time. In the event that you are unable to attend the meeting, you will be responsible for scheduling an alternative appointment at Misrad Hapnim.

    Note: As various branches of Misrad Hapnim will be processing these files, you will need to complete your Aliyah with the same branch that opened your file. So even if you live en Jerusalem, your appointment may be en Haifa. Please ensure that all family members ages 16 and over who are making Aliyah are present at this time.

    Misrad Hapnim will ask that you provide them with your foreign passport (US, Canadian, or UK) at your meeting. They require your original passport en order to process the Oleh visa that will be placed inside. Your passport will be returned to you along with your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card) approximately 10 days after your meeting.

    Our office will notify you when your Teudat Zehut is ready for pick-up.

    Eligibility for Guided Aliyah

    Before applying for Guided Aliyah, please read the following guidelines to confirm that you are eligible to participate en the program.

    • Applicants must be citizens of the United States, Canada or the UK and hold valid passports from one of these three countries.
    • Misrad Hapnim guidelines dictate that you CANNOT be processed through the Guided Aliyah program if you fit into one of the following categories:
      • Converted to Judaism en Israel
      • Hold an Israeli passport or were born abroad to an Israeli parent
      • Hold a birth certificate from the Antigua Unión Soviética or Eastern Bloc
      • Renounced Israeli citizenship at any time en the past
      • Previously have been convicted of a crime

    If you are not eligible for the Guided Aliyah Program, you can still apply for Nefesh B'Nefesh financial assistance and services. However, you will need to complete the Aliyah process directly through Misrad Hapnim. Please download and submit an Aliyah via Misrad Hapnim application and contact your local branch of Misrad Hapnim to schedule an appointment to begin the Aliyah process. Please be en touch with Nefesh B'Nefesh en parallel to the Misrad Hapnim process.

    • If you converted to Judaism en North America or the UK: Misrad Hapnim policy requires that you must reside en the community en which you converted for a period of at least one year post-conversion, before being eligible to make Aliyah.
    • If you are applying for Aliyah with a newborn child recently born en Israel (who was not registered as an Israeli citizen at the time of their birth) you will have to have a US, Canadian or UK passport issued for that child before submitting your application.
    • If your spouse is an Israeli citizen, and you have children born abroad, please contact our Department of Government Advocacy en order to clarify whether or not your children are considered Israeli citizens and to determine if they are eligible to participate en the Guided Aliyah program.

    Note for individuals over the age of 65: If you make Aliyah through the Guided Aliyah program, you will not have Israeli medical insurance during the time between your arrival en Israel and receiving approval for your Aliyah. Private insurance companies en Israel generally do not accept individuals over the age of 65 or people with pre-existing medical conditions. It is important to verify whether you can arrange to continue your U.S./Canada/U.K. medical insurance during this period. If not, it is recommended that you start the Aliyah process while overseas (rather than through the Guided Aliyah program after you arrive en Israel).

    The application deadline is on the first of each month.
    Applications are submitted to Misrad Hapnim on a monthly basis. 

    If you have any questions regarding the application deadline, please contact:  or 02-659-5820.


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