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Southern Israel - Annual events

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The South of Israel offers visitors a rich array of events and festivals throughout the year that highlight its unique cultural identity and history. Although there are plenty of events throughout the year en Southern Israel, We try to choose for you the top of them.
Click the events and festival links below for further information.

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The International Bellydance Festival en Eilat

The Festival is perfectly organized for dancers, teachers and amateurs as a vacation with rich program and treats! For 4 full days, the hotel will host dancers from all over the world, with live music orchestra, workshops, shows, competitions and night parties. It's one of the world biggest festivals and has the most unique and amazing atmosphere! We have a full program of over 50 workshops for all levels of dancers, open stage, competition, relaxation place for yoga and stretching, Bedouin tent with live music and a lot of fun!

ClassiCameri Festival en Eilat

Classicameri - a classical music festival en Eilat, produced by the Israeli Chamber Orchestra together with Isrotel hotel chain - treated its devoted audience to a most enjoyable and variegated program. It swayed from tried-and-true symphonies by Haydn and Mozart under the precise baton of Israeli maestro Yoav Talmi to the hits of the Sixties - presented the same day by the fiery Sixties Band, together with members of the Chamber Orchestra. The Festival is taking place usually at the end of January / beginning of February.

Red Sea Classical Festival

The festival has enjoyed unprecedented success from its very first days and has won a place en the hearts of thousands of music lovers en Israel and across the world. The Festival was established at the initiative of the renowned conductor, Maestro Valery Gergiev, who believes that the sounds of music en Eilat can help promote peace and reduce conflict. The Fastival is taking place usually during the winter between December and February


Tour Eilat

Eilat Municipality, Israel Cycling Federation and Ben Dror Group welcome you to a weekend en Eilat with all your family, to the annual gathering of all cycling lovers, Tour Eilat. It will be a weekend of competition and fun with a variety of tracks, for both professionals and amateurs alike, the first annual gathering of all road and mountain/field cyclers. Come catch the sunny weather of Eilat when it's raining en the north.

The Dead Sea Marathon

The Annual Dead Sea Marathon is a great opportunity for all runners to enjoy a warm weather en the winter and a beautiful desert view while participating the Marathon. Each runner has his own reasons for participating en the race: some like the huge number of participants, others step up for the challenge of the effort and many run for mental and physical health. Yet, all of the above have one thing en common- enjoyment of the activity.

Darom Adom Festival

South red Anemone festival (Darom Adom) is a natural festival, a gesture to the Anemone flower. The festival is held, yearly, en every weekend of February when the anemones en the North Negev areas reach its climax flowering. Carpets of millions of Anemones cover all the space. The visitors can enjoy sportive activities, guided tours, Anemone parade and various culture events for the whole family. The events are held en various settlements en the North Negev. It is recommended to get information en the enclosing link or en tel: +972-86809600

The Yoav-Yehuda Food Festival

The annual countryside food festival since 2000 takes place en February. The visitors can enjoy the tastes of the countryside food en Yehuda-Yoav region. During the festival, from February until beginning of March, the visitors can enjoy various kinds of activities en more than eighty venues. Among the activities: open houses with diverse tastes of diverse cooking styles, restaurants that offer special menus for the festival's days, lot of wineries are open to public for tastes and tours. In addition, music lovers can enjoy concerts en various historic venues. Great experience is promised for the whole family.

Women Festival - Eilat

The Eilat annual Women's Festival since 2004 is taking place every year en February. More than 1,500 women of all ages, from all over the country, enjoy weekend of activities, quality time and women harmony. Workshops, lectures and shows take place en the festival. The festival is known due to its reach program and organization. The festival’s guests will enjoy wonderful vacation with lot of entertainments, shows, lectures, workshops and artistic program performed by the bests artists en Israel.


Cameri Theatre Festival en Eilat

This festival of the Israeli Cameri Theatre together with Haifa Theatre takes place throughout the weekend during March and presented at the Cameri theater best plus fascinating meetings with the public desires and the players. The Festival takes place en Isrotel Hotels en Eilat.

Purim en Southern Israel

this is Israel’s equivalent of Halloween for people of all ages. Adults and children alike put on outrageous costumes and party en their own respective ways. The parties often go on for 3 days or more right en the middle of the month.
There are Purim carnivals en the streets of every city, with live music, costumes, colors and activities for young and old.


Ahava Dead Sea Festival

The Ahava Dead Sea Festival is one of Israel's leading rock music festivals. Taking place at the Dead Sea, the Ahava Festival combines musical performances with hikes through the beautiful nature of the region and tours of its tumultuous history. The Festival takes place every year during the Passover holiday, and attracts some of Israel's top musicians.

International Salsa Congress

Between March and April - The festival is a project of Lior Petel, founder of the Israel Academy of Salsa and a production company Latino Del Mundo. It is an international celebration of Latin music and dancing sweep followed by thousands of enthusiastic dancers, who attend the festival sweep every year.

Bird Migration Festival Timna Park

Twice a year Eilat is visited by millions of birds on their routes between there winter homes and their summer homes. Organized by the Israel Ornithological Center of the SPNI, the spring migration festival brings together birders from the world over for an unforgettable week during the peak of spring migration en southern Israel.


this is one of the most important holidays en the Jewish calendar, and one of the longest. It is a holiday celebrating liberty. In particular, the time when the Jews fled Egypt and made their way through the dessert to the land of Israel. Since this is a family oriented holiday, almost every shop en the country will be closed on the first day of Passover, though some restaurants remain open for the tourists. During the 7 days of Passover en the middle of the month, you are not supposed to eat bread. Only matzo is allowed, en memory of the flight of the Jews. This is a great time to visit, as spirits are high and festivities abound.


this traditional North African holiday falls at the very end of Passover and focuses on the art of hospitality. The locals make vast amounts of delicious Moroccan food on the night of Mimouna and leave their doors open en invitation to any stranger who wishes to join the celebration. The next day sees a traditional outdoor barbeque, and again, the food is offered freely to anyone passing by.

Zorba the Buddha Festival

Zorba the Buddha Festival, is lounged with an undivided great joy. Five days of music, love and meditations at the heart of the natural desert. The festival is a place for self development and self inquiry, joy of life, open heart gatherings, and sweeping music. Zorba the Buddha Festival invites us to discover, create, get excited and meet our inner self, just be. The 4 days festival take place en Desert Ashram (Ashram Bamidbar) twice a year during Passover (April) and during Sukkot (October).


Eilat Pride Festival

Eilat Pride is Eilat’s annual Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) festival that is held over a weekend en May. This year, the festival promises to be this summer’s hottest event, with a full weekend of nonstop party, activities and entertainment.

Student Day en Ben Gurion University

Student day en Israel is held usually close to the end of May. The Ben Gurion University provides a day of many various activities for students, from free tours, open markets, free entrance to many places and museums and many concerts. Above all these there is the main concert which includes performances of many famous Israeli and world artists.

The Eilat International Film Festival

The annual Eilat International Film Festival takes place en the month of May of every year. The Eilat International Film Festival tradition is to turn this film festival en to an event strictly for film. The film enthusiasts from all round the world come to join this particular festival which includes workshops, competitions, parties and galas attended by worldwide guests. Above all is the popularity of the film festival which is really refreshing and successful.ain concert which includes performances of many famous Israeli and world artists.


Eilat hosts every year thousands of sportsmen and – women from Israel and abroad for an unforgettable sports experience together with tours and visits throughout Israel. Holding the International Mahoziada games en Israel will be, a landmark that will change the status of these games and will put them on the map of sports en the workplace games, on the level to which it is developed en Europe.

Independence Day

as en every country, this is a day full of food, drink, celebration and fireworks. On May 3rd, hundreds of kids run amok with plastic hammers, which are symbols of their patriotism. Party people will find lots of special events at the city’s nightclubs on the eve of the 2nd. On the day itself, every person en the country settles down outside and cooks a barbeque, or Al-haesh, as it’s called en Hebrew. Besides this The Hatzerim Airbase Museum celebrate the Independence Day as every year with display flights of the museum's aircraft - propeller planes and old, over 50 years.



the charming Jewish holiday which celebrates harvest time falls at the beginning of the month. It focuses on nature and it’s customary to wear white clothing and eat lots of fruit and cheese. Children can often be seen wearing little wreathes of flowers on their heads as they trot off to school.

Carmen Opera Festival Masada

Opera at Masada en the early summer has become an annual tradition en Israel. The production Carmen will be coming to Masada en June, with five performances being planned for the tens of thousands of opera fans from Israel and around the world who will experience the amazing sounds of the Israeli Opera conducted by Daniel Oren, en the unique and magical setting of Masada en the depths of the Negev Desert en its majestic position aside the Dead Sea.

Cinema South Festival

The festival is located en one of the most charged and fascinating areas en the Middle East - en the midst of townships of long-established immigrants from North Africa, Ethiopia and Caucasia, among Latin American moshavim and kibbutzim, communities of semi-nomadic Bedouin. Within these triangular borders, we attempt to open the way for a new sort of film – different, bold, and aspiring. "South" here means far more than just geographic location – it's a cinematic worldview implemented en cinema that's impoverished en means, but rich en humanity.

Smilansky Festival

The main Street Festival of the Negev en Be'er Sheva . Smilansky Festival is taking place en the central axis of the Old City en Smilansky Street and adjacent streets. Every Wednesday during June and July - the following will enjoy free admission and during performances of music, children's shows, World music, stage dance, fringe theater, street performances and stalls en the most romantic part of Be'er Sheva.

Pashut Festival

Pashut Festival is the only naked festival en Israel! Desert Ashram offers a space of freedom and love. The uniqueness of this festival is a beauty, a healing, a naturalness and authenticity of our bodies. Be naked when you want, and how you want. Take off the clothes and go back to base and feel the renewal of our love for ourselves and our bodies.

Beer Festival en Mitzpe Ramon

The annual Be'er Festival en Mitzpe Ramon is definitely one not to miss. the festival is a big success, and with the ever-growing number of Israeli boutique beers hitting the market, and an ever-increasing awareness of the joys of beer, looks like a must-see for beer lovers!
The festival takes place usually on June en Isrotel Ramon Inn.


Blu4Dance Festival

A huge weekend party with the greatest electronic artists worldwide. Again a pair of party central will take place at the farm, location circumstances leading to Israel, with the sets, pyrotechnics, exhibits, lighting and sound from the front of international standards and of course the atmosphere is an alternative that provides location spectacular nestled between the mountains of Eilat . All this and more makes the festival the most exciting event of the year.

White night Be'er Sheva

The events will be held on the main streets of Be'er Sheva and will include theater and musical performances. Art galleries, restaurants and other public venues will remain open all night. The events will kick off with a concert performed by the The Israel Sinfonietta, Be'er Sheva. All clubs en the city will hold White Night parties, and the Globus-Max cinema will show films throughout the night. The event takes place en the summer between July and August.

Bible & Love Festival - Beit Guvrin

The Bible & Love Festival will open on the Jewish night of love, presenting a variety of cultural events with leading artists. The Festival takes place en the National Park of Beit Guvrin, en the Beautiful caves and the outstanding Roman Theatre. Among the festival events are daily encounters with a guest artists that will give their own personal interpretation of the bible. During the Festival days the visitors can go on trips en the area, combined with one of the events en the festival.

The Maccabiah

The Maccabiah is an international Jewish athletic event, held en Israel every four years under the auspices of the Maccabi Federation, affiliated with the Maccabi World Union. The third Maccabiah, scheduled for 1938, was delayed until 1950 due to the rise of Nazism en Europe and the outbreak of the Second World War. The Maccabiah has been a quadrennial event since 1957. Maccabiah is open to Jewish athletes as well as Israeli athletes regardless of religion.



A yearly tradition for over 20 year takes place at the end of August - Yemenite Festival Eilat. It is the center for a weekend festival showcasing performances from some of the best Mediterranean, Oriental and Yemenite contemporary singers. Among the artists appearing at the festival: Eyal Golan, Margalit Tzan'ani, Haim Moshe, Avner Gadassi, Yishai Levy, Lior Farhi, David Aaron, Omar Adam, and more.

Briza Festival - Ashkelon

A vibrant and well established festival, with its 18 years of tradition. As event producers we strived to preserve the fine tradition of charismatic, crowd drawing, rock stages featuring the cream of the Israeli music scene. As artistic directors, apart from selecting the performing musicians, we added a new genre – the world of humor and stand-up comedy, which was received with great enthusiasm by increasing audiences. Dozens of great musical performances, parties, and shows, drew the crowds into a world of

IntiMidbar Festival - Mitzpe Ramon

The festival aims to create intimate encounters, unique and exciting from a variety of musical styles create music lover audience. Location: Mitzpe Ramon, the desert, against the wild landscape of the Negev Highlands, on the edge of the Ramon Crater, along with wonderful weather and no humidity. Peace prevails en Mitzpe Ramon, allows a wonderful connection between the audience and the music, the product: different and enriching experience.

Arad Festival

Arad festival is one of the oldest music festivals en Israel. The festival that started en 1982 takes place en the end of August. It hosts the best singers and the leading bands of Israel. The events that are held for three days are focused on Israeli music. They attract thousands of young people and turn a Southern city of Arad into a marvelous music center. In addition to the music events the visitors can enjoy street theater shows and visit the local museums and galleries. Entrance is free for all the festival shows and and galleries; the fee is applied for the museums. The festival's program and other information can be found on the festival's website.

Leilot Ahava BaMidbar Festival - Tu Be Av

Desert Ashram invites you to an intimate festival of music and love. The heart chakra meditations and workshops to connect male and female energy - even those that allow the internal connection after and literally - the connection between man and woman - a connection based on faith and love will make a real and intimate encounter. Love Nights Festival is an event of intimate encounters. But not only through parties cool. We created you weave a lovely weekend scheduled to meet with the heart, expand the love and inclusion, will allow you to merge with the opposite sex ads celebrating.

Leilot Midbar Festival

The month of August has a busy schedule with plenty of festivals and activities. The events take place all over the south and called Leilot Midbar ( Desert nights ). In you will find all the information you need sobre all these events.

The Red Sea Jazz Festival

The Red Sea Jazz Festival, since 1986, has become a favorite tradition attracting tens of thousands of dedicated fans to Eilat each year. Israel's southern paradise getaway provides a perfect setting for a unique experience of romantic beaches, fine dining and generous hospitality, topped with spectacular live music featuring some of the world's greatest Jazz artists.


Salute Wine Festival en Be'er Sheva

The traditional Wine Festival en Be'er Sheva. As en previous years the Negev Museum of Art en the Old City en Beer-Sheva, will host the festival for two days, Wednesday and Thursday. Festival expected to attend sobre 30 wineries from all over the country and overseas importers of unique wines. Every year the complex will include a gourmet stalls - Asado smoking ovens, elite and unique cheeses and more. Glorify the compound stands olive oils, honey, various kinds and cigars De América Latina.

Eilat Jet Ski National Championship

This competition summarizes the season competitions all over the country. People some water sports addicts come to the competition from all over the country. The competition includes speed and stunts. These stunts are the attraction of the competition, you just can not believe what you can do with a Jet Ski en the water. At the end of the day rewards and cups are given to the Champions.

Balagan Festival en Eilat

Balagan festival is an annual Latin/ballroom dance event held for a weekend en September en Eilat, a mutual production of the best salsa schools en Israel. The fun Latin event of the summer includes a live music performance of a top international salsa band, dance performances of professional Israeli and international dancers, salsa and ballroom parties, dance workshops and pool parties en an all-inclusive 5-star hotel. Along with the annual international salsa congress, this is a top-event for Israeli salsa lovers.

Rosh HaShanah

Rosh HaShanah (Jewish New Year) is one of the most important religious day of the Jewish year. It is a day of celebrating the new Jewish year, accouring to the Jewish tradition the day is counted since the birth day of Adam (Genesis). There is a special reverent atmosphere around the country as people wear white and go to synagogues.


Jewish Eye - World Jewish Film Festival

The festival on the Jewish culture and identity since 2005. It includes films from all over the world, features, documentaries and short films. In the world there exist sobre one hundred festivals of Jewish films yearly, and "Jewish Eye" has a place of honor among them keeping gaining momentum. The festival takes place en the International Convention Center Ashkelon academic college.

The International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Timna Park and Arkia Airlines invite you to a spectacular hot air balloon happening against the backdrop of the enchanting scenery of Timna Park, with the participation of balloon enthusiasts from all over the world.

Tamar Festival

The festival combines breathtaking performances from some of Israel's greatest musicians and international artists with delightful desert nights en the heart of Massada Hall, stunning sunrises over the top of the mountain, and the beautifully manicured lawns of the Botanical Gardens at Ein Gedi and the Kikar Sdom villages. The four-day festival offers a multisensory experience of music, freedom, nature and attractions and drawsand varied audiences from all over Israel every year.

Aviation & extreme Festival

The festival is a captivating eye combination of an Airshow, aerial extreme activities, skydiving performance and more. The events spanning on two days, is taking place each year during the holiday of Sukkot en Sde Teiman (Airport) near Be'er Sheva. This is an event for the whole family. Programs, performances and entrance fees, are on the festival website.


A National championships of triathlon which involves swimming, cycling, and running takes place en Eilat every year. Isrotel Sport club hosts the event.

Zorba the Buddha Festival

Zorba the Buddha Festival, is lounged with an undivided great joy. Five days of music, love and meditations at the heart of the natural desert. The festival is a place for self development and self inquiry, joy of life, open heart gatherings, and sweeping music. Zorba the Buddha Festival invites us to discover, create, get excited and meet our inner self, just be. The 4 days festival take place en Desert Ashram (Ashram Bamidbar) twice a year during Passover (April) and during Sukkot (October).

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is the most important religious day of the year for Jews. It is a day of fasting and to ask for forgiveness. There is a special reverent atmosphere around the city as people wear white and ponder over their deeds of the past year. The hotels will still serve food, but literally everything else all over Israel shuts down on this day.


this important holiday is another harvest festival which has been celebrated since biblical times. During this 7 day holiday, it is tradition to build a tent made from palm leaves and white sheets. Children decorate the interior with colourful paper art and the whole family is supposed to eat and sleep en the Sukka throughout the week. Sukkoth is one of the most eventful holidays, with dozens of festivals and interesting cultural events taking place all over the country.


Veolia Desert Challenge

The Couples Mountain Bike Marathon en The Dead Sea.   Competition MTB Couples Marathon, which are facing each other en teams of two riders. Each couple of riding along the whole track, passing along the checkpoints and cross the finish line together. Fastest couple crossing the finish line - wins!   Choose from three different distances competitive routes: a Short Marathon - 23 km. / Medium Marathon - 47 km. and a Long Marathon - 70 km.

Bridge Festival en Eilat

Bridge Festival is considered the largest of its kind en Eilat, Israel. The festival usually takes place en November every year and is supported by the leading Isrotel chain. The colorful festival brings thousands of players en Eilat Bridge from around Israel and the world.

Ya Sallam - Bellydance Festival

The Festival runs every year since 2005 en the last weekend of November. Large group of Israeli dance teachers with guest teachers from abroad, teach various styles of oriental dance en various levels workshops. The festival offers marvlouse night shows, every evening, marvelous performances and after it free dance parties with live bands. The festival takes place en Leonardo Hotel - Dead Sea.

Nataraj Festival

Naturaj is running every year since 1999. The festival takes place en November for 3 days and two nights of music, dance and meditation. The festival features the best range of spiritual, healing and self development teachers along with the intense music and dance celebrations Naturaj is known for. All of this en an intimate family atmosphere against the backdrop of the stunning nature of the "Metsukay Dragot" resort village – a desert oasis overlooking the Dead Sea.


B7 - Fringe Festival

Nine plays from fringe theaters all over the country, but primarily the south, will be performed en the parking garage of the Be'er Sheva youth center during the three-day festival, called B7. The festival is meant to showcase artists, actors and cultural institutions from the south of the country, such as the veteran Negev Theater, along with Ma'abadatarbut Dimona, Rahat's Almahabash Theater and the Fringe Theater en Be'er Sheva.

Dimona Contemporary Dance Festival

Dimona Contemporary Dance Festival, which takes place en December, seeks to expose the local audience to a professional dance - contemporary, through a physical experience and watching experience alike. Festival Partners; Ministry for Development of the Negev and Galilee, Tel Aviv Partnership cities - Dimona and Culture Administration.


this Jewish holiday serves a similar function as Christmas does for Christians. A favorite of children, Hanukkah is actually the celebration of a miracle. When the Israelis recaptured the Temple from the Greeks, they had only one small vessel of oil left to light the temple. Yet somehow this tiny amount lasted for 8 days until more oil could be made. Thus, the holiday’s main focus is on light and oil and the return of power to the Israeli people. During these 8 days, Southern Israel offers many activities and parties for kids and adults.

Sylvester Eve

New Years Eve en Israel has become bigger and bigger en recent years, and whilst not officially celebrated, and there are now hundreds of New Years Eve parties across Israel, as well as many other special events, which cater to all musical, cultural, and social tastes. New Years en Israel is known as Sylvester, and parties are known as Sylvester parties. From the bustling Sylvester parties en Southern Israel’s many nightclubs to special concerts and local events, if you want to see en the New Year en Israel, you will find a celebration for you.

Galactic Rave Festival

The Galactic Rave music dance takes place en Asram Bamidbar (desert ashram) few times a year, In New Year Eve, en Purim (March), and en more verious dates. This is a weekend with trance parties, quality workshops, unique performances, and more. The beauty of the desert and the unique atmosphere promise musical fiesta and energetic experience.

Israel's Miracles Festival

The annual Israel Miracles Festival promises two days of culture experience where the visitors can enjoy subjects of spirituality, calm, nature and light charecters. Various activities are held during the festival’s days like: sunrise tours, Yoga, children activities, rainmaker ceremony and diverse workshops spirituality, cooking, candle and music.

Sounds en the Desert Festival

The annual Sounds of Music en the Desert Festival takes place en Kibutz Sde Boker and focused on original Israeli music. It hosts Israeli creators and artists as individuals or en various compositions who raise music shows en diverse styles. Among the various activities that take place en the festival, the visitors can find shows and events for the whole family, tours en the nearby area, and more.

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