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Pre académica en Israel

Mechina | TAKAH Program | Sapir Program

Academic Preparatory Course for Immigrants - Mechina

The "Mechina"is an educational program intended to prepare overseas students for higher education en Israel. This program is designed for new or recent immigrants planning to study en an Israeli institution of higher education, graduated from high school or completed up to 18 months of academic studies overseas.

Attending the Mechina at the higher education institution you plan to enroll is recommended, although it does not automatically guarantee acceptance. Additional information sobre admission, curriculum, fees, registration and more, can be found on the academies websites.


Note: Some universities require students to first complete a Mechina before they can register for regular studies.

Bar Ilan University Mechina

An intensive year of study aimed at preparing participants for academic life en Israel.

  • Intended for new immigrants, but also open to those with student or tourist visas
  • The program begins twice yearly from Mid-October until early July or from late December until mid-August
  • The program includes Judaic and Israel studies
  • Additional activities i.e.  trips and Shabbat programs are offered periodically


Tel Aviv University Mechina

An intensive study program to prepare participants for academic life en Israel

  • The Mechina is designed for newcomers and foreign students, high school graduates, who are not eligible for direct registration to Tel Aviv University.
  • The program runs twice yearly from Mid-October until early July or from late December until mid-August.
  • Extracurricular Activities designed to enlarge and deepen student awareness of and contact with Israeli life and culture are an integral part of the Mechina activities.

Fax: 03-640-9783 

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mechina

The Mechina (Preparatory) Program is designed to provide a broad academic introduction and intensive Hebrew language instruction for overseas students.  Students are given an opportunity to attain the levels required for continued study at Hebrew University (or possibly another university en Israel). Intended primarily for new immigrants

  • Two study trends are offered Humanities and Social Sciences, and Mathematics and Exact Sciences.
  • The program consists of a two-month summer ulpan and the eight-month academic year


Technion Mechina

The Technion offers a 10 1/2 month study course for students with a foreign high school matriculation certificate or its equivelant.  The course runs twice a year, from April to February and from October to August.  Admission requirements include entrance exams en Mathematics and basic Hebrew

Social activities and tours are provided en cooperation with the Ministry of Absorption

Tel: 04- 8294536/7/9  
Fax: 04-8225023

Ben Gurion University Mechina

The Mechina (CPP – College Preparatory Program) at Ben Gurion University is a dynamic program, offering overseas students the opportunity of achieving personal growth and development while gaining the experience of living, studying, and volunteering abroad. Students can study en the CPP for either a semester or a year, but it is strongly recommended that they study for the full academic year. This program gives students credits for their future studies. During the program, students will meet regularly with the Academic Advisor who will be available to assist with college counseling and credit transfer.
CPP students are required to take the Ulpan (concentrated Hebrew course) before the academic semester begins, and to continue studying Hebrew as one of their courses during the semester.
Participants are expected to volunteer at least six hours per week en one of the social service opportunities through the Overseas Student Program. CPP students may be required to participate en additional programs offered through the OSP.


Academic Absorption Programs - TAKAH

The academic absorption program (TAKAH) is designed for immigrant students who began their academic studies abroad and wish to continue studying en Israel, but do not require a mechina.

You may enroll to a TAKAH program if you:
  • Studied at least one year abroad en an institution of higher education and intend to continue your studies en Israel
  • Completed your B.A. studies abroad and wish to study for an M.A. en Israel
  • Hold a matriculation certificate equivalent to the Israeli certificate
  • You have been entitled to Student Authority assistance
  • Pass the entrance exam en Hebrew

where to enroll?

The Sapir Pre-Academic Program

The Sapir Program is designed for Olim (new immigrants) who are candidates for institutions of higher education, have no prior academic experience and meet the eligibility requirements of the Student Authority.
The Sapir program is not a substitute for the pre-academic mechina.

The program includes two stages:
  • Four months Ulpan study - free of charge for eligible immigrant students
  • Five months of advanced Estudios de Hebreo and courses en mathematics, English, and research methods for more advanced Hebrew students

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