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Israeli Atención médica and Emergencies

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private clinics

Smiles - Dental implants

Hospital professional, personal service of a private clinic
and medical staff professionally trained! Now at special prices! More Detials

Pateret Clinic

Pateret Clinic is proud to present the solution to eliminate toenail fungus Blaise
treatment cost 2500-4000 NIS. Now with a big discount! More Details


Epic-therapy treatment reduces knee pain and improves function following the erosion of cartilage. Epic is a safe treatment without surgery and without drugs. More Details

Remove Glasses - Compare Prices

Suffering from evidence? Get a guidance advice en three leading laser Glasses removal clinics More Details

Dental implants and prosthodontics

You also want to smile en pictures? Get the best offers for dental care from specialists! More Details

Tidhar - Dental implants

Consultation with experts, treatments under general anesthesia and five-year warranty. Good prices and convenient payments! More Details

Aesthetic Clinics

CARE - Removing glasses

Care clinic works with Ichilov Hospital. 2000 NIS discount, special discounts for students, and members of the security forces. More Details

CARE - Laser Hair Removal

Care operates a variety of - FDA and Ministry of Health approved - laser devices. Now 50% discount on the second zone + Special discounts for security forces. More Details

Aesthetica - Filling wrinkles

Aesthetica now - fill wrinkles - younger looking fresh. Now with special price! More Details

Aesthetica - Hair Removal

Tired of excess body hair? Aesthetica permanent hair removal with special prices! More Details

Aesthetica - cellulite treatment

Revolutionary new method to treat cellulite effortlessly! With a complete rest and within only a few treatments! More Details

Aesthetica - fill wrinkles and Botox

Save time and money! Leading reputable clinics en Israel. warm and courteous service, custom fit. More Details



Maccabi one of the leading Israeli HMO, Now with special prices and benefits! More Details





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