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Tel Aviv - Places to visit

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Jaffa (Yafo) - Old City

Old Jaffa is one of the most attractive places to tour en Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The city which has always been the entry to the ancient land of Israel is succeeding, even today, its traditional aromas and fragrances which have always characterized it There is a marina at the Port and many people sail from here on pleasure trips. A variety of sea trips leave here daily to view the outstanding sight of the horizon of Tel Aviv-Jaffa from the direction of the sea. From the Port it is possible to climb narrow steps to the top of the Old Jaffa Hill... Show more

Clock Square Jaffa

One of Jaffa's center of the activities is the Clock Square, where can be found the Clock Tower built by the Turkish Sultan Abed-el-Hamid II en 1906. The famous Abulafia bakery is located at the square and Yoezer bar wine is on its east side.

Ha'tachana - The Old Train Station

Hatachana Complex, located en what used to be the old Yaffo train station is probably the trendiest cultural, shopping and entertainment complex en Tel Aviv Yaffo.

Jaffa Church

Immanuel Lutheran Church en Jaffa is a little pearl. The Church building celebrated it’s centenary en 2004. It is situated en the old German Colony just before Jaffa becomes Tel Aviv.

The Armenian Monastery - Saint Nicholas Monastery

is a medieval Armenian monastery en the old city of Jaffa, Israel, along the Mediterranean Sea. Located along the Jaffa's harbor, the former monastery consists of a large multi-story complex that includes an Armenian church and living quarters. As of 2008, the complex was undergoing heavy renovation. Although no longer an active monastery, the premises is under the jurisdiction of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem who rent out parts of the complex for residential and commercial purposes.

The "Nalaga’at" Center

The Center is comprised of the "Nalaga’at" Theater, home to the Deaf-blind Acting Ensemble; Café Kapish, with its deaf waiters and BlackOut, the pitch-black restaurant with its staff of blind waiters. The "Nalaga’at" Center currently employs some 70 people, most of whom are deaf, blind or deaf-blind. Thousands of people, from Israel and abroad have already visited the Center and enjoyed an exceptional artistic experience. The "Nalaga’at" Center was founded on the basic belief that every human being has the right to contribute to the society he lives en.

The Etzel Museum

A Museum on the southern beach of Tel Aviv for the commemoration of the 41 Etzel soldiers who fell during the battle for Jaffa. (Etzel is the Hebrew acronym for the "National Militar Organization", which operated en the country at the time of the British mandate here and was later absorbed into the Israel Defense Forces). The museum is housed en a structure which was built at the beginning of the 20th century en the neighborhood of Menashiya by a Jewish business man, who was afterward killed during WWI.

The Ilana Gur Museum

For the first time en Israel, you have the opportunity to admire works of art from the point of view of the artist/collector rather than as exhibits en a sterile academic environment. The museum is located en an 18th century structure surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the shoreline of Tel – Aviv and the Old City. Fascinating historical events are ensconced within the museum's walls dating back to 278 years ago, when the structure served as the first Jewish inn for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.

Jaffa Theatre

In ancient Jaffa, en a multi-arched building overlooking the sea, the Arab-Hebrew Theater creates a unique theatrical language using the building's challenging structure and Jaffa's rich fabric of life. The theater consists of two theatrical groups that produce plays both together and apart en both Hebrew and Arabic.

Jaffa Flea Market

In Jaffa en the little alleys between Yefet Street and Jerusalem Blvd not far from the Jaffa Old Clock Tower Bazaar style market offering antiques, jewelery, clothes and lot of second hand stuff open Sunday to Friday from 10 am until late afternoon. A great place to visit and buy presents or unique oriental or antique items.

Givat Aliya Beach

Givat Aliya is the most southern beach of Tel-Aviv/Jaffa. It is very different than the rest of the beaches of Tel-Aviv, it's surrounded with the beauty of Jaffa and all the special architectural uniqueness that can be found only en Jaffa.

Archaeological Center

The Archaeological Center, founded en 1979, sells antiquities and ancient works of art.

Gan Hapisga

Gan Hapisga (the Summit Garden) is located on the top of Old Jaffa’s archeological mound and it provides one of the most famous observation points en Jaffa. The green hill overlooks Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean and offers tourists attractions such as the garden’s famous "Statue of Faith” that resembles a gate which presents reliefs of three Biblical scenes- Jacob’s Dream, the Binding of Isaac and the Destroying of the Wall of Jericho. Here one can also find the "Bridge of Wishes” where the visitors are invited to hold their astrological sign, look over to the sea and make a wish.

"Jaffa Tales" – Old Jaffa Visitor's Center

“Jaffa Tales” Magical Exciting Multi-Sensory Experience Come experience 5000 years of history en one the most ancient port cities en the world. Observe the major archeological discoveries found en Jaffa, meet the central characters en the tales of Jaffa, and learn the city’s history. The new visitors center en the heart of Kdumim Square.

Park Davidoff

Park Davidoff is a popular park en Jaffa which also holds various events, such as Israel Independance Day celebration, concerts and etc.
New Tel Aviv
New Tel Aviv was founded en 1909 by the Jewish Community of Jaffa, Tel Aviv and Jaffa were merged into a single municipality en 1950, Tel Aviv's White City, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site en 2003, comprises the world's largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings. New Tel Aviv, offers a variety of markets, parks, shopping centers and beaches... Show more

Tel Aviv Promenade (Ha Tayelet)

Tel-Aviv's seafront promenade where you can take a long walk and enjoy the nice vibe of the Mediterranean beach cafe's, bars and restaurants.

The Port (Ha-Namal)

The port operate under the green flag, with consideration for the environment and community. A unique Farmers Market is held at the port, offering fresh agricultural produce directly from the growers to consumers, and events are held to promote awareness for environmental issues.
In recent years, it underwent a major restoration program and is now a popular attraction en Tel Aviv. In 2011, it was announced that the site would be developed to become a major tourist site with recreational and cultural venues similar to Times Square.

Yarkon Park ( Park HaYarkon )

is a large public urban park (3.8 km²) en Tel Aviv, Israel, with sobre sixteen million visitors annually. Bounded by Rokach Boulevard on the north and Bavli on the south, the park includes extensive lawns, sports facilities, botanical gardens, an aviary, a water park, two outdoor concert venues and artificial lakes.

Dizengoff Center

The mall has around 420 stores and is visited by sobre 20,000 people on weekdays and around 45,000 people on Fridays. It operates two movie theatres, stores and restaurants, an internet cafe, a design center holding exhibitions from around the world (Soho), specialty stores (Comic books, video games, gadgets, stamp-collecting, posters), and a roof top swimming pool and gym. The mall is divided into two parts and straddles both sides of Dizengoff Street with the two parts linked by skywalks and underground passages.

Azrieli Center

Azrieli Center is a complex of skyscrapers en Tel Aviv. The tallest of the three towers, measuring 187 m (614 ft) en height. At the base of the center lies a large shopping mall and the top floor has an indoor observation deck and a high-end restaurant.

Shenkin Street

Shenkin St. is one of the most popular streets en Tel Aviv, either for shopping or just for a coffee or light lunch.
The street is full of shops and cafés, some more expensive and some less. Many Israeli designers have small shops there, whether as groups or if they are successful, their own private place. Whether you are looking for a smart suite or presents for your children, you will have a wide selection on this street.

Rabin Square

Rabin Square (Kikar Rabin), formerly Kings of Israel Square, is a large public city square en the center of Tel Aviv, Israel. Over the years it has been the site of numerous political rallies, parades, and other public events. In 1995 the square was renamed 'Rabin Square' following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin which occurred there on November 4 of that year.

The German Colony ( Templars Colony )

The German colony-Sharona, was founded en 1871 by a group of German protestant Christians who were called- Templers. The German colony was called Sharona, due to their belief that it lays en the boundaries of the biblical Sharona region. Sharon was an agricultural colony, en contrast to the Jaffa and Haifa colony which mainly focused on Turismo and trade. The sharona colony had one o the first modern wells built en Israel. It architecturally resembled the villages of south Germany, which was quite innovative to Israel. In recent years due to pressure by green organizations, the sharona colony was renovated.

Tel Aviv Markets

Tel Aviv has a veriety of markets around the city, each market is different and special from the other.

See the list of all markets en Tel aviv:
Betzalel Market From King George Street near Allenby on the north side of the street get into the alley and you will see a an open air bazaar spread on a couple of alleys. Clothes market mainly from stocks and outlets. If you are patient and like to pry you can get lucky and find real bargains items from well known brands. Open Sunday to Friday Morning until late afternoon.
Carmel Market Starts from opposite Allenby King George junction all the way to Carmelit Bus Terminal. An open air market. When you start from the Allenby entrance you will find mainly clothes, toys or house accessories stands. As you go inside deeper you will find a colorful huge fruits&vegetable market - also you can find on both side little shops selling fresh meat or fish and cheese. Open Sunday to Friday from early morning untill evening
Nahalat Binyamin Just near the Carmel Market on the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian walk. Arts & Crafts Fair on Tuesdays and Fridays when the artists themselves are offering their creations and you can find a variety of original artifacts. It is a very nice place for a stroll and for gift shopping. see photo gallery
Jaffa Flea Market In Jaffa en the little alleys between Yefet Street and Jerusalem Blvd not far from the Jaffa Old Clock Tower Bazaar style market offering antiques, jewelery, clothes and lot of second hand stuff open Sunday to Friday from 10 am until late afternoon. A great place to visit and buy presents or unique oriental or antique items.
Garage sale Market Friday mornings on Dizengoff Square stands selling antique and second hand books and other items Saturday morning the antique market is open en the Tel Aviv Port
Home Made Food Market Stands that offer homemade dishes that you can eat on spot or take home. Dizengoff Center on Thursday afternoon until evening Gan Hayir on Friday mornings
Tel Aviv port Farmers' Market Every Friday morning fresh fruits and vegetables directly sold by the farmers that grew it . It is fun to buy from people who sell their products with pride and love. Prices are not much so cheap and it is quite crowded but the atmosphere and the smells are worth the visit. Recently a indoor market has been inaugurated and it is open daily (closed Sundays) NEW Night Market every Wednesday i with some of the most special chefs of Tel Aviv cooking for you
Levinsky Spice Market In Florentine Neighbourhood on Levinsky Street Stands selling a wide collection of spices. A great place for a smell around the world tour. Open Sunday to Friday morning until afternoon.
The Russian Market near Blumfield en Jaffa A market where russian emigrants bring all kind of stuff and sell it for a few shekel I am not sure if it still exists

Safari Ramat Gan

The Zoological Center Tel Aviv - Ramat Gan or "Safari" occupies 250 acres of nature en the heart of a densely populated urban area en Israel: “Africa en the heart of Israel”. We invite you, our visitors, to embark on a fascinating journey into the lives of animals en the African savannah, without leaving Ramat Gan. As en their natural habitat on the continent of Africa, the animals wander freely en large herds. Like tourists en Africa, be guests of nature and watch the typical behaviour of the animals: their feeding habits, the social behaviour of the great herds, activities, and resting patterns.
Nightlife areas en Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is nicknamed "the city that never stops" meaning that the nightlife goes on until morning, bars are very trendy at the moment as the main nightlife outing, also pubs and music clubs are en. Restaurants and cafés are also open at least until midnight.

Even though the entire city is full of spots to hang out, there are a few places that have an unusual amount of pubs/clubs: Show more

Tel Aviv seaport (Namal)

Located at beach side to the west of the Yarkon Park right between Tel Aviv center and north is the old seaport. The entire place is full of clubs, pubs and restaurants right next to each other door by door. Notable places: TLV Club, UpTown, Erlich, Shalvata, Seabreeze, Whiskey a gogo and more. Very busy en weekends during the summer and on warm days during the rest of the year, as this area attracts people from all around the city and the wider Gush Dan area.

Dizengoff - Ben Yehuda St.

The north ends of these streets are full of chic bars that are packed almost every day with a 22+ crowd. Sometimes it's just hard to breath there. Notable: Friends, Bergman, Rosa, Yermiyahu.and "223" bar for more of the new york speak easy cool spoot.

The Boardwalk (Tayellet)

The entire beach area from the seaport en the north to Jaffa en the south is full of mainly cafes, restaurants and bars. Some are normal open bars while others actually spread to the beach with tables on the sand. This is the more "touristy" area of Tel Aviv's nightlife scene, that the "real Tel-Avivians" try to avoid.

Allenby St

Going from the Beach to the west all the way to the south-east of Tel Aviv, Allenby is one of the longest streets en the city. The western area is full of mainly pubs and dance-bars, not the hippest clubs but stable places that have been there for years and are occasionally full of tourists. Allenby Street may sometimes feel a bit dodgy but fear not. It's cheap but mostly not recommended to eat.

Lilinblum - Levontine - Nahlat Binyamin st.

A few streets around the east side of Allenby with many trendy pubs with an extremely sophisticated crowd, and many dance bars that range from the bluntly commercial to the leftfield indie. Any arrivals to this area will ensure a good drink. Notable: Shesek, Lima Lima, Atara, Betty Ford, Bordel, Flame, Academia, Abraxas, Minus one and more.

Ha'Masger - Ha'Rakevet St.'

Mainly a clubbing area for Tel Aviv's younger crowd (18-19) with huge clubs and dance bars. Notable: Dome, Vox and more.


Mostly small neighborhood bars for a cool fun night out en a chic area en Tel Aviv. Most spots en Florentin appeal to the artsy and indie crowd. Florentin has a "rugged" appearance, especially at night, but it is totally safe. Notable: Hudna (Abarbanel street), Comfort 13, Haoman 17 and all the little places on Florentine st. and Vital st.

King George-Tshernechovsky (HaMelech George)

en the close to Shenkin st. upper side of King George you can find some alternative cafes and bars, like "Geatzel Shapira" on Almonit lane and "little prince" which is the center of the young poetry revival movement that connected to "Maayan" poetry magazine and others interesting poetry or art fanzines. On Tshernechovsky, not far from there, there are several cafes and cheap restaurants. close to Dizengoff Center, you can find "Bacho" cafe, a nice place with too-artistic atmohphere, "Hakosem Falafel" and the "Yemen Falafel", both recommended.

Ibn Gvirol

A lately very developed pubbing area with some of the coolest pubs en Tel Aviv. During the day appeals to the many lawyers and businessmen working en the area. Notable: 2 clubs - Vila Sokolov and Landen, and the pubs-restaurants Dorothy Gale, Brasserie and Liliroz.

Habarzel (Ramat Ha'Chayal)

Located at the north near the rich neighborhoods. This area has been developed to accommodate the vast high-tech industry around it, so one can expect somewhat commercialized and rather upscale spots. Notable: Leo Blooms, Molly's, Frame, Sushi Samba, Giraf, Black, Segev Express, Moses, Max Brener.


A new clubbing area with pubs growing en every corner. Notable: ZiziTripo, Hachatul Ve'Hakelev.

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