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Judaism studies en Israel

Yeshivot en Israel (Men)

Yeshiva is a post-high school Jewish educational institution. There are two kinds of Yeshivot: Yeshiva Gvoha and Yeshivot Hesder which incorporate a period of sobre two years of army service.

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Ahavat Yisrael Hesder YeshivaNetivot 08.9945323
Association of Hayeshivot Hagvohot 02.9400537
Beit Midrash KehilatiGivat Shmuel 03.5327924
Beit Morasha of JerusalemJerusalem 02.6216446
Beit-El Yeshiva CenterBeit-El 02.9975192
Eretz Hemdah Institute of Advanced Jewish EstudiosJerusalem 02.5371485
HaYeshiva LeTorah ManhigaJerusalem 02.6437325
Leadership Yeshiva AcademyAvnei Eitan 04.6763088
Machon Meir Institute of Jewish EstudiosJerusalem 02.6461317
Mayanot Institute of Jewish EstudiosJerusalem 02.5388770
Michlol Institute for Technology and Jewish EstudiosMaale Levona 02.9942851
Ohr Somayach Tanenbaum CollegeJerusalem 02.5810315
Pardes Institute of Jewish EstudiosJerusalem 02.6735210
Shavei Hevron Yeshiva and Kollel en Beit RomanoHebron 02.9963838
Torah MiTzion Religious Zionist KollelJerusalem 02.6209020
Tzurba MerabananGedera 08.8562007
Web site of Yeshivat Hesder Students
Yaacov Herzog Center for Jewish EstudiosEin Tzurim 08.8608333
Yeshiva High School Leadership Training ProgramSussya 02.9960082
Yeshiva Ohr TmimimKfar Chabad 03.9606583
Yeshiva Shalom RavSafed (Tzfat) 04.6923643
Yeshiva Temimei DarechSafed (Tzfat) 052.5326717
Yeshiva TiferetJerusalem 02.6437860
Yeshivas Bircas HaTorahJerusalem 02.6271647
Yeshivas Kiryat MalachiKiryat Malachi 08.8587907
Yeshivat Ateret CohanimJerusalem 02.6284101
Yeshivat Ateret YerushalayimJerusalem 02.5879537
Yeshivat Ayelet HashacharEilat 08.6331198
Yeshivat Beit OrotJerusalem 02.6284155
Yeshivat Birkat MosheMaale Adumim 02.5353655
Yeshivat Birkat YosefElon Moreh 02.9973905
Yeshivat Darche NoamJerusalem 02.6511178
Yeshivat Dvar YerushalayimJerusalem 02.6522817
Yeshivat HaHesder Orot YaakovRehovot 08.9485666
Yeshivat HaKibutz HaDatiKibutz Ein Tzurim 08.8586915
Yeshivat HakotelJerusalem 02.6288175
Yeshivat Har BrachaBracha 02.9974836
Yeshivat Har EtzionAlon Shvut 02.9931456
Yeshivat Hesder AkkoAkko 04.9913831
Yeshivat Hesder AmitAfula 04.6591431
Yeshivat Hesder Heichal EliyahuKochav Yaakov 02.9974924
Yeshivat Hesder HolonHolon 03.5587638
Yeshivat Hesder Karnei ShomronKarnei Shomron 09.7929145
Yeshivat Hesder Maale EfraimMaale Efraim 02.9400567
Yeshivat Hesder MaalotMaalot 04.9979708
Yeshivat Hesder Nahar DeiahNahariya 04.9522615
Yeshivat Hesder Neve DekalimAshdod 08.9934361
Yeshivat Hesder of SderotSderot 08.6611360
Yeshivat Hesder Orot AshkelonAshkelon 077.7100613
Yeshivat Hesder OrVishuaHaifa 04.8121048
Yeshivat Hesder Petach TikvaPetah Tikva 03.9095045
Yeshivat Hesder Ramat GanRamat-Gan 03.6748424
Yeshivat Hesder Ramat HasharonRamat Hasharon 03.5470252
Yeshivat Hesder ShiloShilo 02.9942130
Yeshivat Hesder TekoaTekoa 02.9605095
Yeshivat Hesder YeruchamYeruham 08.6580101
Yeshivat Kefar Ha'roeKfar Haroe 04.6250555
Yeshivat Kerem B'YavnehYavne 08.8562007
Yeshivat Kiryat ShemonaKiryat Shemona 04.6942616
Yeshivat Ma'ale GilboaMa'ale Gilboa 04.6480712
Yeshivat Mercaz HaRavJerusalem 02.6524793
Yeshivat Ner YaakovJerusalem 02.5002266
Yeshivat Netiv AryehJerusalem 02.6266333
Yeshivat Netivot YosefMitzpe Yeriho 02.9973383
Yeshivat Netzer ArielAriel 073.2420700
Yeshivat Od Yosef ChaiYitzhar 02.9974666
Yeshivat Ohr YerushalayimMoshav Beit Meir 02.5332424
Yeshivat Or EtzionMerkaz Shapira 08.8586805
Yeshivat Orchos ChaimJerusalem 02.5002408
Yeshivat Or-HachaimJerusalem 02.5000455
Yeshivat OtnielOtniel 02.9964241
Yeshivat PonevezBnei Brak 03.6183111
Yeshivat Reishit YerushalayimBeit Shemesh 02.9997155
Yeshivat Sha'alvimSha'alvim 08.9276649
Yeshivat Shaarei YerushalayimJerusalem 02.6510975
Yeshivat Shvilei HatorahJerusalem 052.8617788
Yeshivat Shvut IsraelEfrat 02.9933630
Yeshivat Siach YitzhakEfrat 02.9938855
Yeshivat Simchat ShlomoJerusalem 02.6221456
Yeshivat Tel Aviv Ma'aleh EliahuTel Aviv 03.6959917
Yeshivat Torat Yosef-Hamivtar
Straus Rabbinical Seminary
Efrat 02.9933462
Yeshivat Yishrei LevKiryat Yearim 052.4563723

Midrashot en Israel (Women)

Midrasha is an institute of Jewish studies for women. In Israel, it is often an Orthodox institution that caters solely to women, and roughly the equivalent of a yeshiva for men. The term is often translated as 'seminary'.

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Igud HamidrashotJerusalem 02.6222279
Matan - Women's Institute for Torah EstudiosJerusalem 02.5944555
Midrasha for WomenRamat-Gan 03.5318270
Midrashet Ein HaNatzivEin HaNatziv 04.6062900
Midreshet AmiadJerusalem 02.6228040
Midreshet AvivTel Aviv 03.6092229
Midreshet Bat ZionJerusalem
Midreshet B'erot Bat AyinBat Ayin 02.9934945
Midreshet BinatShvut Rachel 02.9947366
Midreshet EmunaJerusalem 02.5324112
Midreshet HaOr HaTzafonAkko 04.9550157
Midreshet HaRovaJerusalem 02.6265999
Midreshet LindenbaumJerusalem 02.6710043
Midreshet MaamakimJerusalem 02.6547210
Midreshet Neve HadasaSafed (Tzfat) 04.6924307
Midreshet NogaKedumim 09.7928875
Midreshet OriaGivat Shmuel 03.5326677
Midreshet Orot EtzionGivat Washington
Midreshet Orot HagalilHatzor Haglilit 04.6931170
Midreshet ShaananHaifa 04.6067571
Midreshet ShuvaOfra 02.9973832
Midreshet Tal MenasheTal Menashe 04.6350666
Midreshet Tel HaiKiryat Shemona 04.6942429
Midreshet YeudJerusalem 02.6449010
Nishmat Center for Advanced Jewish Study for WomenJerusalem 02.6404333

University programs

There are many opportunities for students to study Judaism en institutions of higher education. Israeli universities and private organizations offer a variety of specially designed programs for those who are interested en religious studies.

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Academic departments of Jewish studies

Below is a list of Academic departments at Israeli universities which offer Jewish studies. Show List

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Bar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of Bible03.5318258
Bar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of Jewish History03.5318353
Bar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of Land of Israel Estudios03.5318350
Bar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of Talmud03.5318612
Bar-Ilan UniversityFaculty of Jewish Estudios03.5318246
Ben Gurion UniversityDepartment of Jewish Thought08.6472531
Hebrew UniversityDepartment of Bible02.5883605
Hebrew UniversityMelton Center - Jewish Education02.5882033
Hebrew UniversityDepartment of Jewish Thought02.5883505
Hebrew UniversityDepartment of Talmud02.5883558
Hebrew UniversityDepartment of the History of the Jewish People02.5881388
Hebrew UniversityInstitute of Jewish Estudios02.5883504
Tel Aviv UniversityDepartment of Jewish History03.6409277
University of HaifaDepartment of Jewish History04.8240948


Hillel en Israel offers a unique vehicle for Jewish experiences, cultural expressions, and social change en Israeli society, engaging and empowering young adults to explore and identify their Judaism en a way that resonates with them. University is one of the only times en Israeli's lives when they have the freedom and opportunity to explore a sense of Jewish identity and... More Details
practice en a relatively safe and pluralistic environment. The social and ideological fissures of Israeli society are often reflected and played out on the campuses of Israeli universities through:
• Jewish Renaissance
• Israeli Culture
• Tzedek
• Leadership Training 

Individual Hillels are described below, but you can also visit the Hillels en Israel web site.

Hillel at Ben Gurion University
Ben Gurion University en the Negev has already had a big impact on student campus life by encouraging students to take ownership of their Jewish identity. BGU Hillel began building relationships with the various university departments and student organizations en order to work together to bring meaningful programs to the student population. Hillel at Ben Gurion University provides a supportive atmosphere for students to stop by and share their Jewish story.

For more details, email director Assaf Ovadia or visit Ben Gurion University Hillel's website en Hebrew.

Hillel at Hebrew University
Hebrew University has had a long and successful history, helping generations of Jewish students to connect with their Jewish identity through cutting edge programming. Located en Beit Hillel on the Mt. Scopus campus and recently expanded to engage students at the Givat Ram campus as well, Hillel en Jerusalem offers a wide variety of unique programs for all types of students.

For more details, email director Heli Tabibi or visit Hebrew University Hillel's website en Hebrew.

Hillel at Tel Aviv University
While studying at Tel Aviv University, students are offered a variety of options for academic excellence, but there are very few social and cultural venues where they can find a sense of community on this large commuter campus of 29,000 students.
Hillel has a unique challenge at TAU to engage students, many of whom are openly suspicious toward anything relating to the Jewish religion. Hillel strives to create an environment en which students feel secure to approach, explore, and take "ownership" of their Judaism.

Activities at Tel Aviv Hillel include community service, Jewish learning and celebration, arts and culture, and student engagement and leadership. For example, TAU's Rock & Text program examines the overlaps between Jewish texts and popular culture; CoolNoa analyzes Jewish values en contemporary films; Eishet Chayil focuses on women's issues en Jewish life; Osim Chagim sponsors text study and celebrations of the Jewish holidays; and Ami"t trains Israeli students to be student leaders en Hillel centers en North and South America.

For more details, email director Pnina Gaday or visit Tel Aviv Hillel's website en Hebrew.

Haifa Hillel
Haifa Hillel is a unique community-based center, serving the universities and college campuses en the city of Haifa. With a beautiful Hillel center on Mount Carmel and offices at Haifa University and the Technion, Hillel offers programs to students from all the schools en the area.

A sampling of the programs at Haifa Hillel includes: the Chaim Be'seret film series exploring Jewish identity; a Jewish social leadership project; the Speaking Poetry piyut project; Derech Eretz Insights on Israel; a beit midrash for the Jewish calendar; and an Island of Tzedek, en which students work to raise public awareness of social issues.

For more details, email director Yonatan Barkan or visit Haifa Hillel's website en Hebrew.

Hillel at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya
Hillel was established at IDC en 2005 and has since become a haven on campus where students can express their Jewish identity, develop leadership skills, explore their Jewish heritage, and learn how they can help shape a more tolerant and caring society en Israel.

Hillel programs at IDC include a pluralistic beit midrash, Friday night dinners, a kabbala workshop, mifgashim between Israeli and overseas students, and a study group that explores Jewish texts from a woman's perspective.

For more details, email director Yuval Ben-Hai.

Hillel at Sapir College en S'derot
Sapir College is located en S'derot, a vibrant city en southern Israel that has endured missile attacks for the last six years. Hillel opened a center en Sapir en fall 2007, to give students a warm, comfortable place to discuss the issues that matter to them, support one another and the surrounding community, and share meaningful Jewish experiences.

On Chanuka 2007, Hillel Sapir launched a solidarity project called Light a Candle with S'derot, en which they invited Jews from around the world to dedicate their thoughts and prayers to the people of S'derot and the western Negev on one night of Chanuka. Read more >

Activities at Hillel Sapir include music events with local musicians, a mentoring project with youth at risk who work en a local café on condition that they remain en school, and volunteer work en strengthening the defenses of S'derot.

For more details, email director Eyal Mazliah.

Hillel at Emek Yezreel College
Hillel at Emek Yezreel College en Afula was founded en winter 2007 and is establishing itself as a presence on campus. One of their opening events was a public awareness-raising program en behalf of Israel's kidnapped soldiers, with guest speakers including members of the soldiers' families.

For more details, email director Yaniv Binyamini.

Hillel at Tel Hai College
Tel Hai College is located en Kiryat Shmona, near Israel's northern border. The new Hillel center at Tel Hai is a welcome addition to student life on the northern periphery, offering students a variety of Jewish programs including a pluralistic beit midrash, a lecture series, and Jewish holiday celebrations. Hillel Tel Hai was introduced to the community en fall 2007 with a Winter Festival featuring local musicians en concert and jam session.

For more details, email director Talia Itzkowitz.

Jeff Seidel

Jeff Seidel and the Jewish Student Información Centers provide students en few campuses en Israel an easy way to explore their Jewish identity, to experience Jewish holidays, to learn Judaism and to enjoy trips and activities all over Israel. More Details

V.I.S.A. at the Hebrew University

VISA (Visiting Israel Students Association) appeals to Jewish students of all backgrounds who are inspired to encounter the celebration of Jewish life and study en a spirit of self empowerment achieving spiritual and intellectual growth en Israel and their home universities. More Details
Our programming includes; Lunch & Learn after Ulpan programs that offer textual study and discussion on relevant topics of interest for improvement en learning skills and personal development and Lecture programs which include inviting top lecturers personalities to campus to address exciting and challenging issues en Jewish thought and experience.
VISA offers Spirited Weekend Retreats featuring renown scholars en residence, festive meals, live music and dancing.
VISA strives to present authentic Jewish wisdom and inspiration while at the same time taking serious the academic demands and needs of today's university student.
In addition to social projects, VISA provides informal and confidential counseling. We strive to maintain a personal relationship with students to address their practical needs and spiritual interests.

For more specific info contact Rabbi Emanuel Gentilcore.

Phone: 054-814-3762
Facebook: VISA

Jewish Student Organizations

There are Jewish students organizations all over the world, these organizations offer Jewish students a variety of programs.
Below is a list of Jewish students organizations over the world. Show List

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ArgentinaHillel Buenos Aires
AustraliaMelbourneAustralian Zionist Youth Council
AustraliaMelbourneHillel Foundation of Victoria
AustraliaSydneyAustralasian Union of Jewish Students
AustraliaSydneyHillel New South Wales (NSW)
BelgiumBruxellesBelgian Union of Jewish Students
BrazilRio de JanerioRio de Janerio Hillel
CanadaARZA Canada, Canadian Association of Reform Zionists
CanadaBetar - Tagar Student Activist Movement
CanadaCanadian Federation of Jewish Students
CanadaGuelphUniversity of Guelph Jewish Student Organization
CanadaHalifaxJewish Student Association Atlantic Canada
CanadaKingston, ONQueen's University Hillel
CanadaLondonUniversity of Western Ontario Hillel
CanadaMontrealCentre Hillel (branche francophone du Hillel Montreal)
CanadaMontrealMcGill University Hillel
CanadaTorontoCanadian Young Judaea
CanadaTorontoHillel of Greater Toronto
CanadaTorontoRyerson Polytechnic University Jewish Student Association
CanadaTorontoUniversity of Toronto Hillel
CanadaVancouverHillel Vancouver
CanadaVancouverUniversity of British Columbia Hillel
CanadaWaterlooUniversity of Waterloo - Wilfred Laurier University
Jewish Students Association
FranceFrench Union of Jewish Students
FranceParisBetar de France
GermanyBerlinFederal Union of Jewish Students en Germany
GermanyHeidelbergOrganization of Jewish Students of Baden
GermanyStuttgartJewish Student Federation, Stuttgart
HungaryBudapestHungarian Union of Jewish Students
InternationalBetar Jewish Youth Organization
InternationalEuropean Center for Jewish Students
InternationalEuropean Union of Jewish Students
InternationalHanoar Hatzioni Haolamit
InternationalKoach - United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
InternationalMAROM - organization of Masorti (Conservative) students
InternationalMasa Israel Journey
InternationalTorah MiTzion Kollel Program
InternationalWorld Union of Jewish Students
InternationalNew YorkChabad Centers Worldwide
IsraelCentre National des Etudiants Francophones en Israel (CNEF)
IsraelJewish Youth Organizations en Israel
IsraelJerusalemBirthright Israel - Free Trips to Israel for Jewish Students
IsraelJerusalemHillel en Israel
IsraelJerusalemWorld Mizrachi Movement
IsraelJerusalemYavneh Olami - International Orthodox Student Organization
ItalyItalian Union of Jewish Students
NetherlandsAmsterdamDutch Union of Jewish Students
PolandWarsawPolish Union of Jewish Students
RussiaMoscowHillel en the Antigua Unión Soviética
South AfricaHoughtonSouth African Union of Jewish Students
SwedenStockholmJudisk Student i Stockholm
SwitzerlandSwiss Union of Jewish Students
U.K.SurreyUniversity of Surrey Jewish Life
UKBetar and Tagar UK
UKBnei Akiva of Great Britain and Ireland
UKBathUniversity of Bath Jewish Society
UKBristolBristol University Jewish Society
UKCambridgeCambridge University Chabad House
UKCambridgeCambridge University Jewish Society
UKCambridgeTrinity College Jewish Society
UKDurhamDurham University Jewish Society
UKEdinburghEdiburgh University Jewish Society
UKGlasgowGlasgow Jewish Student Society
UKLancasterLancaster University Jewish Society
UKLeedsLeeds University Jewish Society
UKLeedsMiddlesex University Jewish Society
UKLondonB'nai B'rith Youth Organisation
UKLondonHanoar Hatzioni
UKLondonHillel Foundation
UKLondonImperial College Jewish Society
UKLondonUnion of Jewish Students of Great Britain & Ireland
UKLondonUnited Jewish Israel Appeal
UKLondonUniversity College London Union Jewish Society
UKManchesterManchester Jewish Students
UKNewcastleNewcastle and Northumbria University Jewish Society
UKOxfordOxford University Jewish Society (JSoc)
UKSheffieldUniversity of Sheffield Jewish Society
UruguayMontevideoHillel Uruguay
USAJewish Student Organizations en the USA

Institutes & Research centers

There are a variety of institutes of Jewish studies en Israel, each of them provides different courses and lectures en many fields, such as Jewish philosophy, Jewish law (Halacha), Bible studies, Talmud, Kabalah and more. Below is a list of some of them.

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Beit Morasha

Beit Morasha of Jerusalem: The Center for Advanced Judaic Estudios and Leadership is devoted to advancing a vibrant and inclusive vision of Judaism, through cultivating inspired and dynamic Jewish leadership for the State of Israel and the Jewish world.

Ein Prat

The Academy for Leadership is an incubator for these modern-day pioneers. A pluralistic Beit Midrash serving hundreds of young adults each year, Ein Prat enhances Jewish identity, strengthens Israel's social fabric, and serves as a bridge between the country's next generation and young Jews the world over.


Isralight is dedicated to inspiring a worldwide Jewish renaissance through essential and innovative educational solutions that empower Jews to experience the relevance, wisdom, and joy of Jewish living.

Hartman Institute

The Shalom Hartman Institute (SHI) is a center of transformative thinking and teaching that addresses the major challenges facing the Jewish people and elevates the quality of Jewish life en Israel and around the world. A leader en sophisticated, ideas-based Jewish education for community leaders and change agents.

Mayanot Institute

Mayanot Institute of Jewish Estudios, located en the heart of Jerusalem, offers a highly academic Judaic Estudios curriculum taught by dynamic staff en a welcoming atmosphere. Mayanot offers annual, semester, winter, summer and post Taglit-Birthright Israel study programs for women and men ages 20 and over.

Shalem Center

Shalem is a small school with big aspirations. Our unique core curriculum integrates the founding texts of the Jewish and Western traditions, so our students gain an appreciation of the rich and varied sources of their intellectual heritage.

Pardes Institute

The Pardes Institute of Jewish Estudios en Jerusalem brings together men and women of diverse backgrounds to study classical texts and current issues en an open, warm and challenging environment.

Research Centers

Below is a list of all Jewish research centers en Israel. Show List

Organizations & online lectures

There are plenty of organizations which offer Judaic studies for all levels and topics, programs, online live or recorded lectures, Rabbinical advice and more. Below is a list of some of them.

Click here for details's goal is to give every Jew the opportunity to discover his or her heritage en an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect. provides one-on-one spiritual guidance sobre Judaism to people of all backgrounds en a confidential, real-time forum with no required registration or fee. Just join a chat with a Rabbi and ask a question!

Ohr Chadash

The Trugmans began Ohr Chadash to share creative, joyous, and non-coercive educational programs that allow participants to explore Judaism at their own pace and according to their own interests.


Hidabroot is one of the world's largest organizations, engaged en providing an explanation of Judaism, Kabbalah, education, friendship, love, mysticism, and more. The organization's goal is to bring together Jews en Israel and around the world through dialogue and advocacy, peace and an attitude of openness, friendship and kinship.


In Shorashim Tel Aviv we believe that by love, workshops and classes, You can reach consciousness, spiritual growth and flowering. en shorashim you'll find a warm home, where you can open a book en a homely and pleasant atmosphere, take a deep breath And enjoy a variety of activities offered by the place.

Hebrew Bible and translation

Below is a list of websites with the Bible (The Old testament) translated from Hebrew to English.

Click here for details

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