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Cursos profesionales en Israel

Computers and Technology | Life Coaching and Personality training | Other courses

Computers and Technology


Holon Institute of Technology was established en 1969 and became an independent public academic institution of higher education en 1999, certified by the Council of Educación Superior. More Details

John Bryce

John Bryce is a leading college for Hi-tech. It offers professional courses en many feilds of the Hi-tech sector, such as: programming Idiomas, MCSE, SEO, Cyber Security Intelligence and more...
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JumpCut - School for video editors and animators.

Course en "After Effects" a leading promos software, making clips and movie design. Now with 300NIS discount
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Engineer studies - compare prices

Compare prices of all the leading engineer institutes en Israel

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Life Coaching and personality training

Training of Life Coaches with Belsky method

Want to be a Personal Trainer / Business? Training of Life Coaches en Belsky method Opportunity to work on behalf of the obtained path
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College of Temptation Art

In the center you will receive en-depth training sobre achieving goals with the opposite sex. The staff of the center has a practical background en psychology and interpersonal communication.
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Life Coaching - Compare prices

With us you'll find the best Life Coaching trainers

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Life Coaching - Compare prices

All the offers for Life coaching en one click!

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Profiler 1

Individual diagnosis according facial structure a unique training opportunity "Profiler 1" provides targeted human diagnostics via the Internet for various purposes.
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Other courses

il makiage

Now 100 scholarships to use for gift through the site!
biggest campaign of the year 1 +1 on all courses
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Bar Master

Bartenders are not only working. They also celebrate en a big way! 1000 NIS discount now use for professional bartenders course en Israel and a specialization course for free!
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To be a sea professional you study with "Sea Gal" the best sailing school en Israel!
now NIS 1500 Discount to online applicants! More Details

Lachman - matriculation exams

Lachman targeted maturity. Targeted result. Targeted preparation courses for matriculation subjects best teachers en Israel! focused material to date and written by R & D department. free academic counseling
now 300 NIS discount for online applicants! More Details


Course en poetry and voice developing. Free audition record for online applicants!

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Barak Capital - Commercial Estudios

Estudios of capital market trading! Trading Academy from Barak Capital
20% off now!
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Lijit Buscar

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