English High School in Israel

One of the most beneficial outcomes of high school curriculum taught in English is that it can prevent students from feeling unaccomplished or incompetent.

  • ??? ACE (Adventure. Challenge. Education.) (10-12+)
    ACE (Adventure. Challenge. Education.) The school understands that each boy comes with his own personal strengths and shortcomings, and strives to work with each boy as an...

  • ??? Beis Midrash Har Tzion (11-12)
    Beis Midrash Har Tzion Beis Midrash Har Tzion is primarily a Yeshiva for boys with a Yeshiva background who have made Aliyah. They are a bridging institution between the Yeshivot abroad and the Israeli Yeshiva system. The goal of the program is inte...

  • ??? GED Course - Touro College
    GED Course - Touro College Touro College is offering an eight week GED preparation course with separate classes for men and women. The first session will run from October 25-December 18, 2011 on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Classes will take pl...

  • ??? Jerusalem American International School (k-12)
    Jerusalem American International School The majority of the students are children of diplomats or international corporate workers. While being stationed in Israel, they want to maintain the educational standards of their country of origin. About 10% ...

  • ??? Kol Hadassah
    The central goal of Kol Hadassa is to guide the girls towards achieving an accredited high school diploma via the Penn Foster program. The staff works with the students in both individual and group settings. Once the girls have earned their diplom...

  • ??? LYA - Leadership Yeshiva Academy (12+), Golan
    LYA - Leadership Yeshiva Academy LYA utilizes an Israeli army mechina format as the basis for its program. Aside from a comprehensive Torah study program, there is program...

  • ??? Meir Shfeya Youth Village
    Meir Shfeya Youth Village ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? Since its creation, Shfeya has been involved in the absorption and education of new immigrants as well as providing s...

  • ??? Midrash Shmuel
    Midrash Shmuel ( & Aliyos Shmuel) ???????? ?????????? Midrash Shmuel is primarily a yeshiva for boys from abroad. The yeshiva is designed to be an intensive, yet balanced environment for the advanced development of its students. As a result...

  • ??? Naale - Elite Academy - 4 campuses
    The Naale program was designed to encourage youth from abroad to study in Israel during their high school years. The course of study is to earn the Bagrut Certificate. The North American division, known as the Elite Academy Program, has the followin...

  • ??? Ohr Moshe
    Ohr Moshe Ohr Moshe is a high school catering to English-speaking Olim who have found it difficult to integrate into the mainstream Israeli school system. The school offers small classes, individual attention and personalized learning programs. ...

  • ??? Teen Ulpan
    Ulpan for Olim Teenagers ages 12 to 18. Hebrew is taught at 5 levels, providing students with a strong foundation to ensure greater success when they begin school. The Ulpan provides a solid background in reading comprehension, writing and conversa...

  • ??? Walworth Barbour American International School
    Walworth Barbour American International School 33% of the students are Americans. 10% of the students are Israelis.The rest are from countries all over the world. Familie...

  • ??? Yerushalayim Torah Academy for Boys
    Yerushalayim Torah Academy for Boys The goal of the school is to help English speaking boys acclimate to the Israeli school system. This is done by teaching material for the bagrut exams in English (textbooks are in Hebrew). The in-school Ulpan focu...

  • ??? Yerushalayim Torah Academy for Girls
    The goal of YTA is to ensure a successful absorption for new immigrants in high school by focusing on each individual student's needs. The school provide a warm, caring environment which prepares English speaking girls for life in Israel. While there a...

Source: www.nbn.org.il

High school in Hebrew

Attending an Israeli school can be highly beneficial both socially and academically. An immigrant's successful integration is dependent on his/her ability to understand the cultural norms. Communicating with their peers, reading newspaper and magazine articles, listening to Israeli music, playing sports and participating in extra-curricular activities, and learning how to navigate their way through the country are all ways in which an Oleh teen can gain confidence.

A rite of passage for the majority of high school student in Israel is taking Bagrut (matriculation) exams. Parents who are considering sending their child to a school that does not offer the Bagrut exams need to keep in mind the long-term ramifications on the teen???s sense of self in Israeli society.
Keep in mind that Misrad Hachinuch offers Olim special accommodations for these exams.

Source: www.nbn.org.il

Bagrut (matriculation) exams

Children who made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) are classified in two groups:

This status determines their rights and will hold true for ten years. Namely, if your child arrives in 3rd grade or thereafter, he or she will be provided with special accommodations for the duration of his or her primary and secondary education.

In order to receive the special test booklets and Oleh accommodations, you will need to get approval from the school's guidance counselor. There are three caveats to the provision of Oleh Bagrut leniencies: one applying to budgets, one applying to minimum requirement of students in school requesting the accommodations, and one applying to the availability of staff to administer the accommodations. These caveats basically give the Misrad HaChinuch the ability to rescind the leniencies

To determine the eligibility of your child, you will need to be proactive with your child's homeroom teacher (mechanech/et) and school's guidance counselor.

Translated exams are only available in the ???summer??? testing period (i.e. the second semester of the year when the majority of the exams are offered).

Subject Oleh Vatik (Veteran Oleh: came before the age of 15 or before 10th grade) Oleh Chadash (New Oleh: came at age 15 or in 10th grade)

Tanach, Literature, History, and Civics (mandatory)

If you answer in Hebrew:

If you answer in English:
Note: Students can answer in English only for the first four years.

Students who make Aliyah in 11th or 12th grade can be tested orally.

Tanach (mandatory)

Can use English translated Tanach

Can use English translated Tanach

Math (mandatory)

Regular exam with no additional points. Questionnaire can be read aloud to the student by an examiner.

If you answer in Hebrew:

If you answer in English:
Note: Students can answer in English only for the first four years.

Questionnaire can be read aloud to the student by an examiner.

Optional subjects that are heavily based on reading comprehension skills

Regular exam plus 10 points

Only answer in Hebrew:
Regular exam plus 15 points
Translated exam plus 10 points
Oral exam with no additional points

Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Electronics (optional)

Answer in Hebrew:

Answer in English:
Note: Students can answer in English only for the first four years.

Test can be read to student orally

All subjects

Source: www.nbn.org.il

High school programs

Source: www.jewishagency.org

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