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Southern Israel - Culture and Leisure

Information about Be'er Sheva | Places to visit | Culture & Leisure | Annual events | Hotels | Полезные ссылки


Southern Israel is dotted with dozens of museums full of rich exhibits from all aspects, from art, history, culture, nature and science... Show list


Below is a list of 13 theaters in Southern Israel which host a numerous plays, shows and concerts of local and international acters... Show list

Ofakim Echal Ha Tarbut

Phone Number: 08-9926604/5
Address: Bayit VeGan neighborhood Ofakim
Website: www.habama.co.il

Echal Ha Tarbut Ashkelon

Phone Number: 08-6718335, 08-6718777, 08-6716901
Address: 82 HaNasi St. Ashkelon
Website: demo.israstage.com

Echal Ha Tarbut Dimona

Phone Number: 08-6554950
Address: 2 Ha-Ma'apilim St. Dimona
Website: www.habama.co.il

Echal Ha Tarbut Yeruham

Phone Number: 08-6580308
Address: Tsvi Borenstein St. Yeruham
Website: www.habama.co.il

Кибуц Kfar Menahem

Phone Number: 08-8508441, 08-8500724/5
Address: 79875 Кибуц Kfar Menahem
Website: www.kfar-menachem.org.il

Echal Ha Tarbut Kiryat Gat

Phone Number: 08-6620862, 08-6620863, 08-6620864
Address: Kiryat Gat
Website: www.habama.co.il

Echal Ha Tarbut Sderot

Phone Number:
Address: Sderot
Website: www.habama.co.il

Isrotel Theater Eilat

Phone Number: 08-6386701
Address: Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel, North Shore Eilat
Website: www.eilat-city.net

Be'er Sheva Theater

Phone Number: 08-62664444
Address: 41 Yitzhak Rager Be'er Sheva
Website: www.b7t.co.il

Be'er Sheva Conservatory

Phone Number: 08-6279606
Address: 10 HaMeshahrerim Rd Be'er Sheva
Website: www.edu-negev.gov.il

Be'er Sheva Fringe Theater

Phone Number:
Address: Corner of Mordei HaGetaot St. and Anielewicz St. Be'er Sheva
Website: www.fringeb7.co.il

Oron Theater Arad

Phone Number: 08-997443, 08-9551501
Address: Shopping Center Arad
Website: www.levaradfund.com

Theater of the Arad Community Center

Phone Number: 08-9551511, 08-9551501, 08-9551525
Address: 28 Elazar Ben Ya'ir St. Arad
Website: www.levaradfund.com


Below is a list of all cinemas in the area Southern Israel... Show list

Ashdod - Gil C Mall

Phone Number: *2235 / 08-8661120
View movie listing here

Ashkelon - G.G. Gil

Phone Number: 08-6729977
View movie listing here

Rechovot - Chen

Phone Number: 08-9362868
View movie listing here

Rechovot - Rav Chen

Phone Number: *2202
View movie listing here

Be'erSheba - G.G. Avia Mall

Phone Number:08-6103111
View movie listing here

Eilat - IMAX Theatre

Phone Number: 08-6361000
View movie listing here

Be'er Sheva - Lev Omer

Phone Number: 08-6909580

Be'er Sheva - Rav Chen

Phone Number:*2202 / 08-6235278
View movie listing here

Eilat - Theaters Eilat -Red Canyon Lower floor

Phone Number: 08-6373176

Arad - Star Arad

Phone Number: 08-9950904, 08-9950906

Dimona - Cinematheque Dimona

Phone Number: 08-6559935

Sderot - Cinematheque Sderot

Phone Number: 08-6849695


Below is a list of all the restaurants in Southern Israel which offer a variety of all kind of food, from mediterranean Israeli food to European food... Show list

There are 507 restaurants in Southern Israel:

Restaurants Details Address Phone Coupon Reservation
Barbis Подробнее Tarshish 19, Park Ophira 19. Eilat 08-6342404 Order now
Duda Подробнее Northen beach Eilat 08-6330389 Order now
Eddie's Hide-a-Way Подробнее 68 Eilat 08-6371137 HyperLink Order now
El Gaucho Подробнее dereh haarava Eilat 08-6331549 HyperLink Order now
KM101 Подробнее Eilat 08-6345101 HyperLink
Mike's Place Eilat Подробнее King Solomon Boardwalk, Eilat 08-8649550 Order now
PADDY'S Подробнее NEW TOURISM CENTER Eilat 08-6370921
Order now
Pastory Подробнее Eilat 08-6345111 HyperLink Order now
Pedro Подробнее 14 Eilat 08-6379504 HyperLink Order now
Taj mahal Подробнее leonardo inn hotel Dead Sea 057-6506502
Order now
Uga Chaga
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее Rasko Center Eilat 08-6373463
Wasabi sushi bar
Kosher: Rabanut
Подробнее 1 Eilat 08-6323062 HyperLink
Plugot Подробнее Kiryat Gat 08-6889932
Kosher: Rabanut
Подробнее Eilat 1700-50-55-95
A.Y ceitring Подробнее 13 Be'er Sheva 08-6281558
abed et samir Подробнее 1 Ashdod 08-8522218
abed et samir Подробнее 50 Ashdod 08-8562676
Kosher: Rabanut
Подробнее Ha'hamam Area Eilat 08-6342555
Adriana Подробнее 11 Ashdod 08-8534449
After Подробнее 85 Be'er Sheva 08-6237727
agadir resort Подробнее 10 Eilat 08-6333777
Aladin Подробнее 34 Ashdod 08-8522117 Order now
almogim Подробнее 5 Ashkelon 08-6788288
Alon Tiyulim Подробнее 40 Bet Gamliel 08-9420919
Alonushka Подробнее 56 Ashdod 08-8566350

See the complete list of restaurants in Southern Israel

Nightlife clubs and bars

There are plenty of clubs and bars all over Southern Israel, and each one of them fits a different crowd.
We suggests you a list of the highly recommended clubs and bars in Southern Israel… Show more


Below is a list of all Bars and pubs in Southern Israel... Show list

HaTira Pub

Address: Dead Sea, Ein Bokek, Daniel Hotel
Phone Number: 08-6689999

Quatro Bar

Address: Dead Sea, Ein Bokek, Solarium
Phone Number: 08-9950394, 08-950782, 050-2005797

Taj Mahal

Address: Dead Sea, Ein Bokek, Near Tulip Inn Hotel
Phone Number: 057-6506502, 057-6399072


Address: Arad , Maccabim 9
Phone Number: 08-9973339, 08-9975555


Address: Arad , Eneterance to Arad
Phone Number: 08-9958764, 08-9975555

Interpool (Billyard)

Address: Be'er Sheva , Big Center
Phone Number: 08-6277792
Website: www.interpool.co.il


Address: Be'er Sheva, Salvador
Phone Number: 08-6237753


Address: Ashkelon , Ba'ari
Phone Number: 054-7918704
Website: Pubari

Smilenski Tapas Bar

Address: Be'er Sheva , Smilenski 23
Phone Number: 08-6654854

Smilenski 4

Address: Be'er Sheva , Smilenski 4
Phone Number: 050-7587875

Beatles Bar

Address: Eilat , Mishol HaKna'anim
Phone Number: 050-8513907


Address: Be'er Sheva , Ha-Avot 36
Phone Number:


Address: Be'er Sheva Shloshet Bnei Aien, Harod 70 (Old city)
Phone Number: 08-6287111, 050-7552121

Villa Bar

Address: Be'er Sheva Ben Gurion University
Phone Number:0525000822

Coca Bar

Address: Be'er Sheva Arlozerov 50
Phone Number:077-7103106

Keizer Pub

Address: Moshav Yachin
Phone Number:050-6885508


Address: Кибуц Be'eri
Phone Number:054-7918704

Icho Bar

Address: Кибуц Gat
Phone Number:052-5808113

Moofa Pub

Address: Кибуц Hatzeva
Phone Number:052-8666885

Pub Gvulot

Address: Кибуц Gvulot
Phone Number:0542467905, 0542467906
Website: www.g-club.lanegev.co.il

Pub HaBe'er

Address: Кибуц Tze'elim
Phone Number:052-8664399


Address: Кибуц Nir-Am
Phone Number:050-3399371 / 4
Website: www.greenpub.lanegev.co.il


Address: Кибуц Nirim
Phone Number:054-7916556

Bellagio Bar

Address: Kiryat Gat Heshvan 10
Phone Number: 0522700536


Address: Кибуц Revivim
Phone Number:0577412857 , 0542532549
Website: www.facebook.com


Address: EilatHamelacha 1
Phone Number:052-8717147

Zigi Bar (Billyard)

Address: Be'er ShevaGefen 2
Phone Number:08-6450769

Gaha Mega-Bar

Address: EilatCeneter
Phone Number:052-8717147


Address: Be'er ShevaDerech Hebron 21
Phone Number:

High Windows

Address: Eilat King Solomon Hotel
Phone Number: 054-2449925

Stigma Bar

Address: Ashkelon Yefe Nof, Dalila Beach.
Phone Number: 054-7730353

Bilbao tapas-bar

Address: Be'er Sheva Smilenski 25.
Phone Number: 08-6238135
Website: www.restaurants-in-israel.co.il

Edek Pub - Students village Dimona

Address: Dimona
Phone Number:

Pub HaKatze

Address: Mitzpe Ramon Har Ardon 2.
Phone Number: 08-6595273


Below is a list of all clubs in Southern Israel... Show list


Address: SderotMadrid 8.
Phone Number:057-475748

The Jazz Club - Mitzpe Ramon

Address: Mitzpe Ramon Darkay HaShamaim Quarter, Har Boker 6.
Phone Number:050-5265628

Violet pub

Address: Kiryat Gat Moshav Sgula
Phone Number:052-6459151

Armonim - Bistro bar

Address: Kiryat Gat Moshav Sgula
Phone Number:08-8505059

Farnight Pub

Address: Moshav Paran
Phone Number:0528991341 / 0526223305

Three Monkeys Pub

Address: Eilat Royal Beach Hotel
Phone Number:08-6368888
Website: www.threemonkeyspub.co.il

Papaya Beach

Address: Eilat Rimonim Neptune Hotel
Phone Number:08-6340804

Reef (Dolphinarium)

Address: Eilat The Dolphin Reef
Phone Number:08-6342498


Address: Eilat New tourist center
Phone Number: 08-6323259

Dekel Beach

Address: Eilat Dekel Beach
Phone Number: 08-6326026

Absinthe Club

Address: Be'er Sheva Big Center
Phone Number: 03-6567576

The Black Widdow

Address: Eilat Hamasger 4
Phone Number: 050-6650045


Address: beer Sheva Kiryat Yehudit 232
Phone Number: 052-3122030

Sniff club

Address: Eilat Daniel Frish 1
Phone Number: 0545752187


Address: Be'er Sheva Kiryat Yehudit, Bitan 532
Phone Number: 08-6281548
Website: baroque7.com


Address: Hasadna 4, Be'er Sheva
Phone Number: 08-6900330, 052-5435090
Website: www.habama.co.il


Address: Tayelet - King Solomon Hotel, Eilat
Phone Number:

Paris 20

Address: Paris 20, Sderot
Phone Number:
Website: www.facebook.com

Hamidshaa club

Address: Кибуц Revadim
Phone Number:
Website: www.facebook.com

Forum Club

Address: Kiryat Yehudit 232, Be'er Sheva
Phone Number: 08-6262555 / *2313
Website: www.forum-club.co.il


Address: Kiryat Yehudit 232, Be'er Sheva
Phone Number: 08-6262555
Website: www.forum-club.co.il

Ha-Halutz 33

Address: Ha-Halutz 33, Eilat
Phone Number: 077-550-1679
Website: www.facebook.com


Address: Machteshim, HaSadna 6 Be'er Sheva
Phone Number:
Website: www.facebook.com


Address: Кибуц Gvulot
Phone Number:08-9987905

Black & white

Address: Be'er Sheva Arlozerov 70
Phone Number: 054-9030935


Address: Be'er Sheva Rotem 1
Phone Number:08-6237753

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