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Museum lovers will be delighted to discover that Иерусалим is dotted with dozens of museums full of rich exhibits from all aspects, from art, history, culture, nature and science, with zionist, pacifist or religious background... Show list


The city of Иерусалим may be home to a larger-than-expected number of theaters and theatrical groups which host plays, shows and concerts of local and international acters from all over the world... Show list

Иерусалим Time Elevator

Phone: 02-6248381
Address: 37 Hilel Street, Agron House
Website: www.time-elevator-jerusalem.co.il

An essential part of any Иерусалим tour, the Иерусалим Time Elevator carries its passengers on an unforgettable journey through the 3000-odd eventful ... Read more

Train Theater

Phone: 02-561-8514
Address: Liberty Bell Park, Yemin Moshe/Talbieh
Website: www.traintheater.co.il

Иерусалим's theater scene is thriving, with dozens of plays running the gamut from traditional classics to the furthest-out in fringe showing at any...Read more

Иерусалим Theatre

Phone: 02-560-5755
Address: Marcus St. 20, Yemin Moshe/Talbieh
Website: www.jerusalem-theatre.co.il

The city of Иерусалим may be home to a larger-than-expected number of theaters and theatrical groups, but the undeniable crown of the capital's ...Read move

Alpert Music Center

Phone: 02-565-2111
Neighborhood: Old Train Station/Abu Tor
Website: music-center.jerusalem.muni.il

While Fame may be an American phenomenon, a penchant for music is still well rewarded in Иерусалим. Administered by the Иерусалим Municipality, ...Read more

Gerard Bechar Center

Phone: 02-625-1139
Address: Bezalel St. 11, Machane Yehuda/Nachlaot
Website: gerard-behar.jerusalem.muni.il

The Gerard Bechar Center occupies a significant chunk of Bezalel Street real estate bordering the Nachlaot and Rechavia neighborhoods. The ...Read more


Phone: 02-678-3378
Address:  28 Hebron Rd.
Website: www.hazira.org.il

Israel has a long and distinguished history of theater, both traditional and alternative, with its roots going back to the establishment of the fi...Read move

The Christian Spirit show

Phone: 02-6248381
Address: 37 Hilel Street, Agron House
Website for tickets: www.gojerusalem.com

The Voyage Terminal, the people who brought you the popular Иерусалим Time Elevator, a multimedia, multisensory journey through the exciting history o...Read more

Khan Theater

Phone: 02-671-8281
Address: Remez St. 2, Old Train Station/Abu Tor
Website: www.khan.co.il

The Иерусалим Khan, a Иерусалим Stone, Ottoman-era caravansary where pilgrims and traders would stop if they failed to reach the walls of the Old ...Read more

Zappa - Иерусалим

Phone: 03-7626666 / 9080*
Address:  Derekh Khevron 28, Иерусалим
Website: www.zappa-club.co.il

Zappa Club Иерусалим is Иерусалим lively music club which was established in a comprehensive program to improve cultural and recreational welfare of city residents and visitors, The place has about 350 seats at tables and 600 places to show compliance...Read more

Psik Theater

Phone: 02-651-3663
Address: Shatner St. 3, Givat Shaul

Founded by three young theater school grads in the late '90s, Psik is a Иерусалим theater company and venue with a social conscience. Alongside its fu...Read more


For those who enjoy to spend a quality time with a good movie in the cinema, The city of Иерусалим offers several movie theaters which present new actual movies and also foreign movies... Show list

Globus Max

Phone: 02-6223686
Address: Sderot Zalman Shazar 1, Biniani Hauma, Иерусалим
Website: www.globusmax.co.il

Иерусалим Theatre Cinema

Phone: 02-560-5755
Address: Marcus St. 20
Website: www.jerusalem-theatre.co.il

Rav Chen

Phone: 02-679-2799
Address: Haoman St. 19, Talpiot
Website: www.tickets.rav-hen.co.il

Third Ear Screening Rooms

Phone: 02-563-3093
Address: Emek Refaim St. 8
Website: www.third-ear.com


Phone: 02-673-7393
Address: Hebron Rd. 11
Website: www.jer-cin.org.il

Lev Smadar

Phone: 02-561-8168
Address: Lloyd George St. 4
Website: www.lev.co.il


People who like to go out and enjoy their time with good food in a restaurant, Иерусалим offers many coffee shops and restaurants which serves all kind of food, from mediterranean Israeli food to European food, Kosher and not kosher... Show list

There are 735 restaurants in Иерусалим:

Restaurants Details Address Phone Coupon Reservation
Alegra Boutigue Hotel Подробнее Derech Ha’achayot 13 02-6500506
Bell Wood Bar Подробнее Yosef Rivlin & Hasorag St, 5 050-4863333 HyperLink Order now
Between the Arches
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее 174 HaGay St, HaKotel HaMaaravi St 02-6288680 Order now
Bolinat Подробнее 6 Dorot Rishonim St 02-6249733 Order now
Brasserie Подробнее hamaayan 15, Ein Kerem 025665000 Order now
cafe paradiso Подробнее keren hayesod 36 02-5634805 Order now
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее Yohanan Horkanos 3 02-6245406 Order now
Dublin Подробнее 4 Shamai St. 02-6223612 / 052-8365323 HyperLink
Ein Kerem Подробнее hamaayan 9 02-6431840 Order now
Kosher: Badatz (ahkenaz),Badatz (Sfarad)
Подробнее Hamarpe 1, Har Hotzvim 02-5717002 HyperLink
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее Ben Shetah 5 02-6246261 Order now
Grill Bar
Kosher: Glatt kosher,Mehadrin,Rabanut
Подробнее Hasoreg 1 02-6223761 / 0778857778 HyperLink
Kosher: Rabanut
Подробнее 7 Derech bit lehem 02-6719922 Order now
Hans Sterrnbach Winery Подробнее 83 Givat Yshayahoo, P.O.Box Emek Haela 99825, Givat Yeshaayahu 02-9990162 HyperLink Order now
Kosher: Rabanut
Подробнее 6 Shlomzion Hamalka 02-6254210 HyperLink Order now
La cuisin
Kosher: Mehadrin,Rabanut
Подробнее Yad Harutzim 4 02-6728274
La cuisine
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее Aza 20 02-5611644
Maalot Подробнее Hamaalot 7 02-5004334 Order now
Mahneyooda Подробнее Beit yaakov 10 02-5333442 Order now
Marvad Haksamim - Hechal Shlomo
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее King George 42 02-6223312/4 HyperLink Order now
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее 70 Hayehudim 02-6289944 Order now
Mike's Place
Kosher: Rabanut
Подробнее Yafa 33 052-3814861, 054-5313255, 02-5023439 Order now
Kosher: Mehadrin
Подробнее Rupin 11, Israel Museum 02-6480862
Mona Подробнее Shmuel hanagis 12 02-6222283 Order now
Kosher: Rabanut
Подробнее Yamin Moshe, Under the Windmill 02-6232928 Order now

See the complete list of restaurants in Иерусалим

Nightlife clubs and bars

People who like to go out in the evenings will love Иерусалим's main nightlife regions which include coffee shops, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, theaters, cinemas, street concerts and more different activites for all ages... Show list

Below is a list of bars and night clubs in Иерусалим:

Source: www.jerusalem.muni.il

Music club 911

| Koresh , Иерусалим | 02-6247911


| Salomon 7, Иерусалим | 02-6236603


Agon Bar

| Nakhalat Shiv'a 9, Иерусалим | 02-6222458
Located between the beautiful streets of Nahala Shiva'ah. This bar is open 24 hrs. Narjilah's and backgammon are a common thing at this unique place. At the bar you may find more than 17 kinds of beers from all over the world.


Aroma Espresso Bar

| Hillel 18, Иерусалим
Aroma is one of Israel's leading coffee companies, already opening several branches in New York as well. Aroma's menu features a big selection of sandwiches, salads, hot and cold drinks and pastries.



| Yafo 31, Иерусалим | 02-6259081
Stop by Barood, much loved by locals, to try some traditional Sepharadic dishes and enjoy a well stocked bar. The setting here is cozy and inviting with warm lighting and soft music usually playing in the background.


Bell Wood

An all-wood English pub with more than ten beers on tap, ninety types of whiskey and a menu from the English kitchen.


Birman Musical Bistro

| Dorot Rishonim 8, Иерусалим | 02-6236115
Birman dishes out good food, premium drinks and nightly live shows.
Music usually tends towards jazz but you can also catch a blues or folk performance. The place is low key with a great atmosphere and makes for a classic night out.



| Dorot Rishonim 6, Иерусалим | 02-6249733
One of the city's most popular cafe's, both day and night. Among the dishes on the menu; sandwiches, shakes, salads and BLT sandwiches. Free WiFi and quality coffee make this a favorite among students and its central location makes it a breeze to get here.


Campus Nightclub

| Ha-Uman 30, Иерусалим | Shraga 053- 828 888



| Shlomo Ha-Melekh 16, Иерусалим | 02-6245415



| Derekh Beit Lekhem 7, Иерусалим | 02-6729955
One of Иерусалим's premier lounge bars. Located in a restored 19th century building, Colony's decor captures the essence of Иерусалим with its sophisticated style and inviting attitude. Colony is a favorite spot for the diplomats and journalists living in Иерусалим, especially on Thursdays.


Diez Cafe Bar

| Shlomtsiyon ha-Malka 1, Иерусалим | 02-6243601



| Yafo 31, Иерусалим



| Ha-Histadrut 2, Иерусалим | 02-6234523



| Shoshan 4, Иерусалим
An avant-garde bar/club that is about good people and a happy atmosphere. Thursdays and Fridays bring about some of the best parties in town and Saturdays are live show nights. HaKatze has a nightly happy hour from 02:00-04:00 which offers 1+1 on everything.


HaMaabada (Lab Bar)

| Derekh Khevron 28, Иерусалим
Located in Иерусалим's leading avant garde performance art center, the Lab Bar conveniently has a large screen sometimes used for screening the performances that are taking place inside the Lab so you can enjoy a bit of culture with your drinks. A great place to mingle with Иерусалим's up-and-coming artists and other culture-loving types.


HAOMAN 17 - Dance Club

| Ha-Uman 17, Иерусалим | 02-6781658
Built where the legendary club HaOman 17 used to stand (DJ Tiesto was a regular there), the 17 bar is as mega-bary as it gets. Drop by on a Tuesday night for some Israeli music, Wednesdays the place is reserved for private parties and Thursdays 17 is absolutely packed with lively partygoers.
Saturdays bring about a more mature crowd who come to enjoy the disco line ''Saturday Night Live''.


Heleni Dance bar

| Heleni ha-Malka 15, Иерусалим | 02-6258511



| 02-6244725
Set in an authentic Иерусалим house where zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky used to live, this place caters to a crowd age 24 and up and is usually packed with people who come to enjoy the
reasonably priced beers and play a game of snooker on the billiard table.


Joy Grill & Be'er

| Emek Refa'im 24, Иерусалим | 02-5630033
The atmosphere here is young and trendy. The menu is extra long and full of delicious dishes for fair prices. The bar offers an extensive list of alcoholic beverages and twenty different kinds of beer, most of them imported.


La Boca

| Emek Refa'im 46, Иерусалим | 02-5635577
Located on the second floor of an historic Templar House, this place is easily missed and its a shame. Drop by to enjoy some first class latin dishes, or just to sip a drink on the patio.


Lev Smadar Theater Cafe

| Lloyd George 4, Иерусалим
Doubling as a daytime cafe and nocturnal bar, the cafe is part of the quaint Lev Cinema and worth a visit – even if you aren't going to the movies.


Lincoln Billiard

| Ha-Uman 19, Иерусалим | 02-6783277
Fancy a game of pool in the middle of the night? Located in the industrial Talpyot area, this place is an exclusive billiard hall featuring 30 professional pool and billiard tables and an onsite diner with light snacks and drinks.


Link - Coffee Bar

| Ha-Ma'a lot 3, Иерусалим | 02-6246467


Mela bar

| Ein Kerem 74, Иерусалим | 02-6422120



| Lunz 10, Иерусалим | 02-6236611



| Hillel 18, Иерусалим | 02-6259491
Mia doubles as a daytime bar-tending school and a nighttime spot for those looking for a wide variety of premiun drinks. Catering to a more mature crowd, drop by for a well prepared drink and classy good time.


Mike's Place-Pub

| Heleni ha-Malka 9, Иерусалим


Mirror Bar

| Shlomo Ha-Melekh 11, Иерусалим | 02-5482230
Located inside the Mamilla Boutique Hotel, the Mirror Bar is the embodiment of glitz and glamour and synonymous with the good life in the Holy City. Live DJs often spin their tracks here and this is one of the only spots in the city that also has a cigar lounge. It's a bit expensive, but worth every dime.


Nahalat Shiv'a

| Nakhalat Shiv'a , Иерусалим
Crowded alleys that bring to mind Europe, gourmet restaurants side by side with contemporary art galleries, pubs and bars that present worldwide variety of alcohol, coffee shops that provide just the right atmosphere for a short moment of breathing – yes, this is Nahalat Shiv’a in Иерусалим, and you are more than invited. Ceramic Guild - A Gallery


New Izen

| Derekh Khevron 30, Иерусалим | 02-6733216
If an intense pick-up scene is what you are after, this is definitely the place to find it. Much like similar bars in Тель-Авив, this place takes a more decadent approach on nightlife so if you like loud music and a crowded space, this is it.



| Shlomtsiyon ha-Malka 5, Иерусалим | 02-6251666
A chef restaurant by day and lively cava bar by night.
Classy decor and eighties music in the background welcome the visitors who stop by to enjoy a larger than normal selection of cava drinks. If you are a looking for a sophisticated night out, Rene will deliver.



| 02-5665126
There isn't a local who is not familiar with Restobar. Located on the border of the city center and Rehavia neighborhood, among Restobars offerings are a full stocked bar (with 6 beers on tap), a diverse menu, free wifi, a large alfresco patio and extensive indoor seating.
1 Ben Maimon St.



| Ha-Dekel 2, Иерусалим | 02-6236318



| Heleni ha-Malka 15, Иерусалим | 055-927077



| Emek Refa'im 24, Иерусалим | 02-5672049
This restaurant-lounge bar, furnished with just a few tables, leather sofas and a long bar, boasts an elegant, modern design. People of all ages come here for dinner or just for a drink to soak up the young, hip atmosphere.


Seven Bar

| Yafo 35, Иерусалим | 02-6245517
Seven is a low-key bar with tasteful decor.
Serving four different beers on tap (including Goldstar and Guiness), the crowd here is not the young night owly type but a bit more down to earth. Each night different music is played with Mondays being rock nights, Tuesdays Israeli music nights and Wednesdays classic pop.


Shunka-Restaurant & Dance Bar

| 02-6257033
Food, drink and dancing.
An impressive atmoshere as you enter a ''one stop shopping'' of a bar, restaurant and club. A fully stocked bar with over 260 brands and 70 types of whiskeys along with all the finest cigars. Special theme nights several days of the week. There is also a wine cellar that doubles as an intimate dining room. Reservations in advance suggested.



| Ben Sira 4, Иерусалим | 02-6234366
If you are looking for a place which is still happening late at night, Sira is the one.
With an eclectic crowd of literally any type of people you could imagine, Sira is Иерусалим's official melting pot. Drinks are inexpensive and sevice is always with a smile.



| 02-6222196
One of Иерусалим's longest standing pubs. Named after David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, everyone in Иерусалим is familiar with this spot. The happy hour here is a happy five hours – starting at four thirty in the afternoon. All major sports events are shown here.
6 Rivlin St.



| Hillel 18, Иерусалим | 02-6245439
Located on 18 Hillel St.


The Gallery

| Derekh Khevron 12, Иерусалим


The King's Garden

| David ha-Melekh 23, Иерусалим | (972) -2-6208784, 6208796
Overlooking the Old city walls, enjoy a modern, intensely flavorful dining experience where a team of skilled chefs go all out to create a dairy and fish menu menu that reflects Israel's ethnic diversity.



| Shoshan 6, Иерусалим
A cozy, Jerusemalite pub that caters to a mature crowd. This place is a favorite for beer lovers as Tuvia has several non-conventional beers on tap including Newcastle, Brown and Becks. Locals will vouch for this pub's authentic Иерусалим feel and its feel athome feeling is great if you are missing home.


Tzabarim at the YMCA

| David ha-Melekh 26, Иерусалим | 02-5692692
The Israeli folklore show has been staged since 1979. it is performed regularly three times a week (Monday, Thursday & Saturday) at the auditorium of the Иерусалим YMCA.
Many thousands of tourists and official guests have seen the show, which is exciting, dynamic and filled with energy and excitement.



| Aristobulos 4, Иерусалим | 02-6236087
Also doubling as a comics and indie record shop, Uganda summons Иерусалим's artsy crowd. Rotating artwork will usually be displayed on the walls and live shows are common here. Named after the alternative nation that was offered to Hertzl, enjoy an night talking politics with Иерусалим's left-wing hipster crowd.


Underground - Dance Club

| Salomon 1, Иерусалим


Yankees Bar

| Salomon 15, Иерусалим
This bar is a favorite among the locals living in Иерусалим and is especially frequented by students from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television school which come here to discuss their favorite movies over a cold beer.


Yellow Submarine

| Ha-Rekhavim 13, Иерусалим | 02-6794040
If you like live music shows, a diverse crowd and upbeat atmosphere – this is where to go. Doubling as both a music center and club, The Yellow Submarine features live music performances almost every night. The music ranges from groovy neo-soul to fast electro.
Tuesdays are Jazz nights, usually featuring great jazz performers and trios. This place is upbeat and trendy and despite the inconvenient location is great for a night out. Check their web site for the show schedule.



| Salomon 15, Иерусалим | 02-6257776
Nestled in the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood is this classy bistro. The menu features anything from fresh made tortellini to the mandatory hamburgers and sandwiches and a well stocked bar.


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