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Тель-Авив offers visitors a rich array of events and festivals throughout the year that highlight its unique cultural identity and history. Although there are plenty of events throughout the year in Тель-Авив, We try to choose for you the top of them.
Click the events and festival links below for further information.

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The Be'er Festival

The annual Israeli Be'er Festival is definitely one not to miss. Last year’s very first festival was a big success, and with the ever-growing number of Israeli boutique beers hitting the market, and an ever-increasing awareness of the joys of beer, the 2012 festival, held on January 10-11 in Tel Aviv’s Nokia Arena, looks like a must-see for beer lovers!

Fashion Designers Bazaar

at the end of January / beginning of February, Тель-Авив’s top clothing designers hold an end of the season fair where they sell their clothes at discounted prices. It’s always a crowded and colourful affair, with music and other entertainment to supplement the vast amount of shopping.


British Film Festival

The British Film Festival is returning to Israel with a programme of some of the most talked about British films of the year. The Festival - the flagship arts event of the British Council in Israel - will feature Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut, 'Coriolanus', Paddy Considine's 'Tyrannosaur' - one of the biggest Sundance Festival winners of 2011 and 'Perfect Sense' starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. For ten days in the middle of the month the Тель-Авив Cinematheque shows a wide variety of British films which were released in the previous year.

Jazz Festival

For four days in the middle of the month the Тель-Авив Cinematheque puts on a vibrant schedule of local and international musicians. Besides the music, there are lots of other sideshows and good food to keep you entertained.

Irish Festival

Once again, the popular Тель-Авив Cinematheque hosts another cultural event at the beginning of the month. This time the theme is Irish folk music. The four day festival features lots of traditional and contemporary Irish music, dance and beer.


Holon’s Woman Festival

each year, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, this small city just outside of Тель-Авив hosts a four day festival to celebrate the art of women. All kinds of art media (film, music, visual art, literature) which relate to feminism and womanhood are presented and discussed. The event is held at the highly respected Holon Theatre in early March.

Purim in Тель-Авив

this is Israel’s equivalent of Halloween for people of all ages. Adults and children alike put on outrageous costumes and party in their own respective ways. The parties often go on for 3 days or more right in the middle of the month.
Purim in Тель-Авив is a major time for celebration. An amazing array of events taking place in Тель-Авив to mark the festival, from the famous Florentin Тель-Авив Street Party, to street carnivals, to parties and alternative events.

Days of Flamenco

this three day event at the end of the month celebrates the famous Spanish dance, flamenco. During the festival, a number of dancing events take place at the Suzanne Dellal Centre.

French Film Festival

the Тель-Авив Cinematheque puts on this week long film festival dedicated to the latest and greatest pieces of cinematic art to come out of France.

Kfar Saba Race

The race is held every year in March in Kfar Saba. Thousands of runners take part in the race. There are three popular ways to participate: popular course of two km, competitive course of 10 km and popular walking course of 6 km. For more information please check the Kfar Saba's Municipality website.

FestiJazz - Giva'atayim

The jazz festival FestiJazz is held every year in the beginning of May, it hosts Israeli jazz creators, players, compositors and leading singers. All the shows are held in Giva'atayim Theater halls. For more information please check the Givaatayim Theater website.

International Spring Festival - Rishon Le-Zion

The International Spring Festival is held every year in Hechal HaTarbut hall in Rishon Le-Zion. It presents lots of culture events of music and dance. Local artists and guests from all over the world participate in the events. The festival that lasts for a week promises the visitors a fascinating culture and art experiences. For more information please check the festival's website.


The Тель-Авив Marathon

This world famous marathon takes place in the month of April. The complete course is 43 kilometers long, but there are also shorter courses to choose from. With views of the beautiful Mediterranean sea and professional and amateur participants amicably rubbing shoulders, the Тель-Авив marathon is an experience that is not to be missed.

Israel's Brass Band Festival - Kfar Saba

Every year in the end of April - middle of May holds a three days Brass Bands' festival. The festival started in 1989 and since then youth orchestras ffrom all over the country participate in variety of events which are held both in halls and in the open air. During the three days of the festival, many places in the city center turn into musical stages where youth bands in various compositions play for the joy of the audience.Several bands unite into one giant band with hundred of musicians. For more information please check the Kfar Saba municipality website.


this is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar, and one of the longest. It is a holiday celebrating liberty. In particular, the time when the Jews fled Egypt and made their way through the dessert to the land of Israel. Since this is a family oriented holiday, almost every shop in the country will be closed on the first day of Passover, though some restaurants remain open for the tourists. During the 7 days of Passover in the middle of the month, you are not supposed to eat bread. Only matzo is allowed, in memory of the flight of the Jews. This is a great time to visit, as spirits are high and festivities abound.


this traditional North African holiday falls at the very end of Passover and focuses on the art of hospitality. The locals make vast amounts of delicious Moroccan food on the night of Mimouna and leave their doors open in invitation to any stranger who wishes to join the celebration. The next day sees a traditional outdoor barbeque, and again, the food is offered freely to anyone passing by.

Teatroneto Theatre Festival

monologues are the focus of this unique theatre festival. Considered the rawest form of theatre, some of the finest actors in Israel have performed monologues at this event. This four day production takes place at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in early April.


DocAviv The International Documentary Film Festival

DocAviv International Documentary Film Festival takes place every spring and is Docaviv NPO's keystone project. Docaviv is the only film festival in Israel dedicated exclusively to documentary cinema and is Тель-Авив's largest film festival. It is considered amongst the world's most respected film festivals. Each year some of the best documentary films produced in Israel and internationally, are carefully selected by professional committees, comprised of members of the film and television industry. More than 80 documentary films are screened over the festival's ten days, most of which are also national premieres. For more information, please check the festival's website.

White City Music Festival

For ten days every May one of the oldest quarters in Тель-Авив, Neve Tzedek, is home to a boutique music festival which includes jazz, funk, rock and roll, and a mixture of other genres as wide ranging as Indian folk and Balkan Beat. Once a rundown slum, Neve Tzedek has become of the most sought after addresses in the city, with its pretty buildings and maze of narrow winding streets. Israeli and international musicians converge on the picturesque neighborhood to create a unique event for music lovers.

Student Day of The Тель-Авив University

Grand celebrations took off for Тель-Авив's 'Student Day', an eventful festival which is produced annually in colleges around Israel, all for the sake of their students. This Тель-Авив University campus is filled with young men and women, surrounded by stages, performances, food stands, And various sorts of entertainment catering to student life. Student days such as these will be taking place in all universities and colleges around Israel by the end of this school year and ahead of the summer.

The Felicia Blumental International Music Festival

Taking place in April at the Тель-Авив Museum of Art, the International Music Festival, named after Felicia Blumental, offers classical music performances by world famous musician. The Festival is known for its easy going approach to classical music, which makes it very accessible. Concerts are often accompanied by lectures, interviews and commentaries.

Arthur Rubenstein International Piano Master Competition

The Arthur Rubenstein International Piano Master Competition is held every three years in few places: Тель-Авив Museum of Art, Mann Auditorium Тель-Авив & Royal Beach, Eilat. The competition aim is to encourage and promote talented pianists from all over the world. Young and gifted pianists who pass the requirements can participate. The chosen compositions are played according to the directions and demands of the competition's committee. The winner of the first place is the winner of the prestigious Arthur Rubenstein prize.

Independence Day

as in every country, this is a day full of food, drink, celebration and fireworks. On May 3rd, hundreds of kids run amok with plastic hammers, which are symbols of their patriotism. Party people will find lots of special events at the city’s nightclubs on the eve of the 2nd. On the day itself, every person in the country settles down outside and cooks a barbeque, or Al-haesh, as it’s called in Hebrew.

The Israel Festival

a wide selection of global art performances are brought to Israel throughout the month and shown in a number of locations. In Тель-Авив, the Suzanne Dellal Centre hosts the culturally fascinating events.

Ta'am Hair

Тель-Авив’s grand food festival takes place at the end of the month in the Hayarkon Park over a period of four days. Many of the best restaurants in the city set up booths and sell small, yet cheap, portions of delicious specialties. You can wander from booth to booth and try an amazing variety of regional food. This event is extremely popular with Israelis and is often quite crowded.


White Night Тель-Авив

The White Night Тель-Авив (Layla Lavan Тель-Авив) has been taking place since being declared the White City by UNESCO in July 2003, the Тель-Авив-Yafo Municipality’s way of marking the honor. The White Night is an annual one-night fest offering a slew of special events for the benefit of the residents and visitors of Тель-Авив. The 2012 White Night Тель-Авив is taking plac on 28 June.

Beer Festival - Кибуц Ma'abarot

The old beer festival that started over a decade ago is known as one of the most quality beer festivals in Israel. The festival is a co production of the Wine House in kibbutz Ma'abarot with Beer Master Company. It promises two genuine beer fiesta days to its visitors. Among the festival's events the visitors can enjoy tastes of boutique Israeli beers that some of it are produced especially for the festival, great variety of food, price awarded beer games, marvelous music performances and more.


the charming Jewish holiday which celebrates harvest time falls at the beginning of the month. It focuses on nature and it’s customary to wear white clothing and eat lots of fruit and cheese. Children can often be seen wearing little wreathes of flowers on their heads as they trot off to school.

The Gay Parade

 Тель-Авив has the biggest gay community in Israel. Every year on June, thousands of people flood the streets of Тель-Авив on Friday as the city marked the end of Gay Pride Week with its annual pride parade - an extravaganza of floats, live music and partying on the beach. The parade is always guaranteed to be a fun and colourful event and is one of the largest processions of the year.


Music on the Water Festival - Herzliya

Music on the Water Festival that is held every year in Herzliya Marina turned to be one of the significan summer events. The festival takes place every Tuesday of July and August from 8pm, offering folklore music shows from various countries of the world. The entrance if free of charge. For more information, please check the festival's website or call: +972-9-9565591.

Тель-Авив International Children's Film Festival

Тель-Авив International Children's Film Festival started in 2005 and since then every year it offers quality movies for children and youth. The unique festival program includes action films, documentaries and short films. For more information please check the festival's website.

Open Stage Festival - Beit Lessin

Each year in July/ August Beit Lessin Theater holds a festival that is dedicated to new Israeli playwriting. In addition to the plays other events like directed reading and meeting between actors, directors and playwrights take place. For more information please check the festival's website.

International Live Statues Festival - Rehovot

The Rehovot International Live Statues Festival lasts three days and presents colorful and fascinating live statues. More than 40 artists both from Israel and from overseas creat a spectacular exhibition. The event promises a great joy for all ages. The entrance is free of charge. For more information please check Rehovot council website.

The International Puppet Theater & Film Festival - Holon

Holon International Puppet Theater And Film Festival is held every year in second half of July. During the five days of the festival, theater story shows and films are displayed where in each of them the stars are puppets. In addition to the festival's events, professional workshops, children workshops, amateur workshops, exhibition of theater puppets are held. The festival is a fascinating experience for both children and adults. For more information please check the festival's website.

Тель-Авив Water War Fight

Every summer the city of Тель-Авив cools off with a big water fight: the Тель-Авив Water War. 2012 will be the eight year that this event has taken place, and each year it gets bigger and better with thousands of residents and visitors taking part in the unique event in Kikar Rabin in the center of town. In a weird way, the stability and consistency of the water war, has stood as an annual tradition amid an ever changing world, and ever changing region.

Free Opera in the Park

Тель-Авив hosts an annual opera in the park performance every July in the beautiful Yarkon Park in the north of the city. The 2011 opera will take place on Thursday July 19 at 9pm and will be a special outdoor performance of Mozart’s Magic Flute. Entrance is, of course free, and seating is on the grass so be sure to get there a little early, bring a blanket, and have a great evening.

The Maccabiah

The Maccabiah is an international Jewish athletic event, held in Israel every four years under the auspices of the Maccabi Federation, affiliated with the Maccabi World Union. The third Maccabiah, scheduled for 1938, was delayed until 1950 due to the rise of Nazism in Europe and the outbreak of the Second World War. The Maccabiah has been a quadrennial event since 1957. Maccabiah is open to Jewish athletes as well as Israeli athletes regardless of religion.


Animix- The International Animation, Comics, Caricature Festival

The International Animation Comics Caricature Festival takes place in Тель-Авив. It is held every year in August. The festival presents a wonderful collection of animation movies created both by Israeli and worldwide directors. In addition to this, you can meet the directors, participate in various workshops, visit the exhibitions and "Shukomics" (comics market). For more information, please check the festival's website.

Тель-Авив Oud Festival

Тель-Авив Oud festival takes place every year in August. It is a unique music festival that offers you to enjoy the sounds of the Oud which is an old pear-shaper stringed instrument commonly used in North African, Middle East and Balkan music. Ethnic events, oriental haflas (festive meal), books and music fair and an exhibition of Ouds from Syria, Turkey and Egypt- all this you can see and enjoy during the festival. For more information, please check the festival's website.

The Humus Festival

every year one the country’s leading humus manufacturers puts on this massive event celebrating Israel’s national dish. Humus shops from all over the city congregate in Hayarkon Park to feed the hungry locals. The atmosphere is decidedly Arabic, and features belly dancing, musical performances by famous Arabic groups and other exotic activities.

Beach Cinema

During a week in August, Banana Beach offers an open air screening of well-known films. Starting in the early evening, you can grab a seat and enjoy one of the contemporary classics ("When Harry met Sally", various Monty Pythons etc.), while sipping a cold beer or enjoying some dinner in the heat of August.


Raanana's Annual Klezmer Festival

Every year Raanana holds a marvelous Jewish music fiesta. The best artists participate in the festival's events that take place in Raanana's Park. The event is held in the open year and it gathered an audience of more than 10,000 people this year. The festival's program can be found in the event calendar of the department of religious culture in the Ministry of Education and on Raanana's Municipality website. The entrance is free of Charge.

Childhood Sounds Festival

Childhood Sounds Festival takes place every year on Sukkoth (September/ October). It started in 2000 and since then it is known as a famous festival of music, dance and theater for children. For more information, please check the theater's website.

Taste Festival of Jaffa

The annual Festival takes place during September in Jaffa, Тель-Авив. The wonderful observation of Tel-Aviv from the beautiful promenade of Jaffa contributes to the view of the Taste Festival. The festival that offers cheap meals in all Jaffa’s restaurants is held for 10 days. In addition the visitors can participate in tours to the nearby flea market. In the art quarter the artists allow the visitors to enter their homes and see their creation. The children can participate in creation’s workshops.

Rosh HaShanah

Rosh HaShanah (Jewish New Year) is one of the most important religious day of the Jewish year. It is a day of celebrating the new Jewish year, accouring to the Jewish tradition the day is counted since the birth day of Adam (Genesis). There is a special reverent atmosphere around the country as people wear white and go to synagogues.


Israel Storytelling Festival

Since 1993 Givatayim holds one of the most attarctive festivals- Israel Storytelling Festival. The festival was established by the writer and theater person Yossi Alfi. Every year he brings the best story tellers who share their personal stories with the audience. The festival takes place between the first and the last days of Sukkot (Kol Hamoed). For more information, please check the festival's website.

Jaffa International Kids Theater Festival

The festival takes place every Sukkoth (September/ October) and offers plays and shows for the whole family and especially for children. t emphasizes the co-existence and tolerance between Jews and Arabs. All the shows during the four days are held in the Arab-Hebrew Theater in the old city of Jaffa. For more information please check the festival's website.

Muses in Sukkoth Festival

Shoham which is an urban settlement located 5km from Lod, holds the Muses festival which takes place every year in Sukkoth (September/ October). This is a multi-disciplinary art festival that brings large variety of music and dance events that fit the holiday atmosphere. The best artists and bands participate in the festival. The free entrance events take place in "Gan-Hachevel" in Shoham between 8pm - 11pm. For more information please check the Shoham municipality website.

Rishon Le-Zion Festival

Every year during Sukkoth (September/ October) Rishon Lezion holds a music and entertainment festival focused on Israeli songs, creators and entertainers. The festival hosts the greatest artists. It takes place in Hechal HaTarbut of the city, in Amphi Park, in Mofet Hall and other venues over the city. For more information please check the "Rishon Le Zion Sport & Recreation Company" website.

Netanya Guitar Festival

Netanya Guitar Festival, Guitar Gems, is held every year in the second half of October. Local artists as well as artists from abroad participate in five days of the festival that takes place in Hechal Hatarbut of Netanya. In addition to rich program, lectures, workshops, master classes and exhibitions are held. For more information, please check the festival's website.

Bat Yam Street Festival

The Bat-Yam Street Theater Festival is one of the most famous street theater celebration in Israel. This colorful event attracts many visitors to the beautiful seashore of Bat-Yam. The organizers promise the visitors an exciting experience with colorful theater stands, artistic street shows, pyrotechnics, acrobatics and a variety of artist groups from different countries. The festival visitors may enjoy the open air celebration, the entrance is free of charge.

Weizmann Institute Science Festival

Weizmann Institute Science Festival is a yearly fiesta of science and technology. The visitors can enjoy various competitions, workshops, interesting observations, tours and diverse demonstrations. The events are interesting for both young people and those who have knowledge and interest in various scientific areas. All the events take place in the campus of Weizmann Institute in Rehovot. For more information, please check the festival's website.

The International SPIRIT Film Festival

The International SPIRIT Film Festival is held every year during three days. It presents films that reflect the human spirit, the human existence, and the opportunity to live in peace with ourselves, with each other, with our Planet. For more information, please check the festival's website.

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is the most important religious day of the year for Jews. It is a day of fasting and to ask for forgiveness. There is a special reverent atmosphere around the city as people wear white and ponder over their deeds of the past year. The hotels will still serve food, but literally everything else in the city shuts down on this day. In Тель-Авив, it’s a great day to ride a bike around the deserted city and enjoy the beach.


this important holiday is another harvest festival which has been celebrated since biblical times. During this 7 day holiday, it is tradition to build a tent made from palm leaves and white sheets. Children decorate the interior with colourful paper art and the whole family is supposed to eat and sleep in the Sukka throughout the week. Sukkoth is one of the most eventful holidays, with dozens of festivals and interesting cultural events taking place all over the city.

Icon - Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival

he Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-playing is an annual festival which takes place on October. Icon is a red-letter day for fans of the science fiction and fantasy (both literature and cinema), and its 3-day diverse program attracts people of all ages. The festival consists of more than 100 events, including lectures, panel discussions, contests, professional workshops, comical and musical shows, as well as comics and anime events, providing a huge celebration for the science fiction and fantasy fans as well as much broader audiences.


Dance Europa festival

the Suzanna Dellal Centre invites individuals and dance groups from all corners of Europe to participate in a month of dancing. It’s one of the most prestigious festivals of its kind and attracts some very talented performers. There are also workshops for dancers.

Israel Piano Festival

Israel Piano Festival that is held every year in November is known as one of the leading and most quality live music events. The shows take place in various halls in Тель-Авив, most of them on the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater. Every year the festival's program surprises with its rich variety of performances. For more information please check the festival's website.



this Jewish holiday serves a similar function as Christmas does for Christians. A favorite of children, Hanukkah is actually the celebration of a miracle. When the Israelis recaptured the Temple from the Greeks, they had only one small vessel of oil left to light the temple. Yet somehow this tiny amount lasted for 8 days until more oil could be made. Thus, the holiday’s main focus is on light and oil and the return of power to the Israeli people. During these 8 days, Тель-Авив offers many activities and parties for kids and adults.

Sylvester Eve

New Years Eve in Israel has become bigger and bigger in recent years, and whilst not officially celebrated, and there are now hundreds of New Years Eve parties across Israel, as well as many other special events, which cater to all musical, cultural, and social tastes. New Years in Israel is known as Sylvester, and parties are known as Sylvester parties. From the bustling Sylvester parties in Tel Aviv’s many nightclubs to special concerts and local events, if you want to see in the New Year in Israel, you will find a celebration for you.

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