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Курсы иврита in the Absorption center

A five-month Курсы иврита is compulsory for all absorption center residents. All absorption centers either hold Курсы иврита classes or are associated with nearby Курсы ивритаim.

More information on Курсы ивритаim in absorption centers
Counseling and financial assistance

The Курсы иврита Department in the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption provides new immigrants with counseling on the choice of a suitable Курсы иврита, as well as funding of Курсы иврита studies. New immigrants are exempted from Курсы иврита tuition fees for their first 18 months in Israel, or 24 months if you rely on income insurance. Travel costs are also refundable if you are not getting the Absorption Basket and the Курсы иврита is away from your residential area.
Second-chance Курсы ивритаim

Second chance Курсы ивритаim are designed for immigrants who came to Israel in the years 1989-1997 and have not completed their Hebrew language studies, for any reason.

Information on second chance Курсы ивритаim
Курсы иврита for children and youth

In addition to children and youth classes in regular Курсы ивритаim, there is a special Курсы иврита for ages 10-18 operated by the Municipality of Иерусалим. Studies include not only Hebrew language but also various enrichment studies and social and cultural activities, in order to enable a smooth transition to a regular school.

Information on the Иерусалим Курсы иврита for Immigrant High School Students
Курсы иврита Etzion

Курсы иврита Etzion in Иерусалим is the ideal combination between an Курсы иврита and an absorption center. It offers accommodations in a pastoral location, yet with lively student atmosphere, as well as intensive Hebrew courses, cultural and recreational activities, and consulting on absorption in Israel.

You can contact Курсы иврита Etzion by email or at 02-6734347.
Кибуц Курсы иврита

The Кибуц Курсы иврита, one of the most successful Репатриация program, is a five-month program for young adults (aged 17-28) combining intensive Hebrew language courses with working and living in a kibbutz.

All you need to know about Кибуц Курсы иврита
Additional Курсы ивритаim

The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption operates a number of additional Курсы ивритаim:
Курсы иврита for pensioners for an unlimited period of time
Vocational Курсы ивритаim for specific professions (see employment)
Supplementary Курсы ивритаim (paid by the immigrant)

Special absorption programs such as Bayit Rishon Bamoledet or the student program at Calanit Absorption Center have integral Hebrew language studies.

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