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Туризм - Полезные ссылки

The list below includes the most useful links with information about Тель-Авив area.

The officail website of Тель-Авив

The website provides information about government institutions, business, national sites, cultural events and activities, accomodation, flights and everything one might need visiting, touring or living in Тель-Авив.


Our timely recommendations will ensure that you are never at a loss for something interesting to do. Go Тель-Авив is the perfect reference to the latest in shopping, dining, drinking, playing, and partying, and we provide it to you in three Языки: English, French, and Russian.Our easy-to-read Bar and Restaurant Guide will let you pick and choose between the best in Tel Aviv’s many dining, drinking, and dancing venues, and we detail both the old and the new in our descriptions of some of the most popular neighborhoods in the city.


Тель-Авив 4 Fun is a private website that shows the fun things in Тель-Авив from the personal point of view of a local resident. The goal of the site is to show the beauty of the city and to provide information in English that is not always available, for the sake of potential or virtual tourists and English speaking Israelis in Israel or abroad.
The website provides information on all you might need to know before going to Israel: places to visit, food to eat, things to do and things to avoid. The site is a reference point for good and bad things about Israel from an objective perspective.

mynet - Тель-Авив news (Hebrew)

Mynet is Israel's largest local-news internet portal, aiming to change way of local news coverage by bringing periphery closer to us. Mynet focuses on municipal news, cultural activities and sporting events, as well as reports on local topics of interest that are usually ignored by the other media - education, community affairs and real estate.

Drunk in Тель-Авив

This is our new guide to the colorful nights of Тель-Авив. Our team is currently before, after or during a drink in one of the city’s bars and we will update you on our nights out and give you the full story. You are welcome to send us your stories and recommendations on the city that is the night life and alcohol capital of the Middle East

Janglo - Community Portexia

Janglo is a free community service to help people in Israel and also in the Тель-Авив area exchange information about "stuff", like jobs, apartments, events, and sales.


This site was created by the Israeli Ministry of Туризм, located in Иерусалим, Israel. The site is available in different Языки (see the "choose language" bar), each maintained by the Ministry's respective office abroad. In the website you can find a lot of useful information about Тель-Авив.

VisTlv - Тель-Авив tourism site

Тель-Авив-Yafo Туризм Association is a municipal company owned by the Тель-Авив-Yafo municipality that is responsible for promoting and marketing the city for incoming foreign tourism as well as domestic tourism. Our role is to encourage the arrival of tourists from overseas and from throughout Israel. We strive to make tourists’ stay in the city pleasant by introducing them to walking tours and routes, the city's hidden treasures, cultural centers, accommodation centers, restaurants, and entertainment and shopping venues.
Tourist Israel has now established itself as one of the largest Israel travel websites with a special niche. Established since 2008, The site provides lots of information about places to visit, things to do, events and other activities in Тель-Авив area.


Telavivcity.com website is a complete travel-guide for Тель-Авив. It provides information about tourist attractions, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, events, shops, beauty salons, spas and other places of interest.

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