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What is Кибуц

A kibbutz (plural kibbutzim, literally translated as "gathering, clustering") means a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture.
Today it is a modest name for something absolutely unique: a voluntary democratic community where people live and work together on a non-competitive basis. Its main goal is generating an independent society based on principles of communal ownership of property, social justice, and equality.
The first kibbutzim were organised by ideological Zionists who came to Palestine in the beginning of the 20th century. Despite the hardships they had to meet, they succeeded to create a social system and style of life which appeared to be very essential for the development of State of Israel both culturally and politically.
Today there are about 300 kibbutzim in Israel, different in size, with a total populace of around 120,000 representing about 2.8 percent of Israel's population. These days, most of the kibbutzim have branched out into industry to increase their productivity, manufacturing wide range of products, varying from electronics, furniture, plastics to farm machinery and irrigation systems.

Who is Кибуц volunteer?

Кибуц volunteers are mainly young people, not necessarily Jewish, coming from all over the world to Israel for a short or long-term period of time to experience taking part in the kibbutz life.
Волонтерствоs usually arrive to Israel on a volunteer visa, and participate in all of the activities in all branches of the kibbutz (agriculture, kitchen, gardening, factory).
Волонтерствоs get some pocket money, receive accomodation, dining, as well as social activites of the hosting kibbutz.
The experience proved that throughout the years, many kibbutz volunteers have chosen to stay in Israel after their volunteering period, either to volunteer in the IDF, or to convert to Judaism (if they are not Jewish) and remain in Israel, often staying in the kibbutz they volunteered in.

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