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Real estate and Flat hunting in Israel

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Real Estate

MS - Group

Increase your apartment and its value at the expense of the contractor!

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An exclusive residential complex in the coastal city, Netanya. We market apartments 3,4,5 rooms. 3 rooms - from 1.6 million NIS! (last two apartments left) 4,5 rooms - from 2.5 million NIS!
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Investment plots in Pardes Hana.
Last plots in 129,000 NIS!
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Real Estate Israel


Agricultural land for investment in 129,000 NIS.
And you have a secure future! Accompanied by a lawyer's office!

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Flat hunting websites

Rent, buy, sell! all apartments and properties in Israel

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Rent, buy, sell! all apartments and properties in Israel

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A big database of all rental apartments in Israel

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Aside of selling or buying second hand, Yad2 offers a great database of real estate in Israel.
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Looking for apartment? in WinWin you will find it easly!

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