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Aliyah from Australia & New Zealand

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Australia has long been a stronghold of Zionist activity and support for the State of Israel and Zionism plays a significant part in community activities. It ranges from... Read More
Zionist education, fundraising for Israel, successful Zionist youth movements and the promotion of Aliyah. All of the Zionist organizations are affiliated with State Zionist Councils in each of the main centers, who in turn, are affiliated with the umbrella Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA). The ZFA acts as the Zionist community's voice with Israel and other Diaspora communities.

The six Zionist Youth Movements, which represent all the different major religious and political positions on the Zionist spectrum, are united by the Australian Zionist Youth Council (AZYC).

An extraordinary 79% of the adult Jewish population in Australia are believed to have visited Israel which is quite extraordinary for a country so far away geographically. And approximately 9,000 Jews are believed to have made Aliyah from Australia.

Source: jewishagency.org

Aliyah in 3 Steps

Interview with a Shaliach
As part of the Aliyah process, an interview with your local Aliyah Shaliach (Jewish Agency representative) will be required.
You will be asked to present all the aforementioned original documents:
  • Aliyah Questionnaire
  • waiver of confidentiality
  • Health declaration
  • Entries and exits (from Israel)
  • Birth/marriage certificate
  • Uploading/updating eligibility documents
These documents will be returned to you during your meeting.

Choose A Shaliach

The Aliyah Shaliach is a representative of the Jewish Agency for Israel who is responsible for validating your Aliyah documents and meeting with you. You can make an appointment to speak with the Shaliach directly, as per the listing below.



Zionist Federation of Australia 
306 Hawthorn Rd., Caulfield South 
3162 Victoria 
Tel: (03) 9272-5688 
Fax:(03) 9272-5640 
Email: ozaliya@jafi.org

The Jewish centre
61 Woodrow Avenue
Yokine 6060
West Australia
Tel : (08) 92768730

Zionist Federation of Australia 
146 Darlinghurst Road 
Darlinghurst NSW 2010 
Tel: (02) 936-02368 
Fax: (02) 938-05124 
Email: aliyansw@ihug.com.au 

New Zealand

Israel Information Office 
P.O.Box 87513
Meadowbank, Auckland 1742
Tel: (02) -74947762 
Email: shaliach@zfnz.org.nz

The interview will include these topics:
  • Jewish background
  • Family status
  • Israeli past
  • Health condition
  • Employment history for the last 3 years
  • Motivation for Aliyah
  • Aliyah and absorption planning

Approval for Aliyah
The Jewish Agency is the body responsible for authorizing Aliyah according to the Law of Return. Your application will be reviewed by The Jewish Agency, and you will receive a notification letter.

Absorption Planning & Flight to Israel

Together with your file manager or Shaliach you'll need to plan your absorption in Israel:
  • Check list
  • List of benefits and how to get them
  • Arranging your flight to Israel
  • The process at the airport
  • First day in Israel

Once you're landing in Israel you're considered as an Oleh Chadash, Welcome to Israel!

Source: jewishagency.org

After Aliyah

Please visit our "Step-by-step" Guide of the first steps in Israel as a New Oleh.

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