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Aliyah from country of origin

How to make Aliyah | Jewish Agency | Olim Orgranizations

Because of the relatively high economic status of Israel, many people wish to immigrate to Israel. As Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, Israel provides Aliyah permits to only Jewish people by their birthright. Therefore, a person who wishes to make Aliyah to Israel first of all has to provide evidence of having Jewish parents.
This initial stage is generally handled by the local representatives of the Jewish Agency in your country.

How to make Aliyah

In order to make Aliyah from your country of origin, you will have to contact a local Jewish Agency representative ( A Shaliach ) in your country.
From North America, you'll have to contact Nefesh B'Nefesh instead.
From Uinited Kingdom you'll have the option to choose either to make Aliyah directly through the Jewish Agency or through Nefesh B'Nefesh which gives you also financial support.

Please follow our detialed guide by your region:
North America | Latin America | Europe | Former Soviet Union | South Africa | Australia & New Zealand |
Ethiopia | India | Arab Countries

Once you apply for Aliyah you'll be invited for an interview regarding your Jewish background, your family status, your Israeli past and about your motivation for Aliyah.
Now you'll have to wait for an approvment letter and invition for a second meeting, which will be for planning your Aliyah and the flight to Israel.

Once you arrive to Israel you're considered as an Oleh Chadash (New immigrent).
Please visit our "Step-by-step" Guide of a first arrival to Israel as a New Oleh.

Organizations for Olim

To obtain further information and advice regarding Aliyah from your country of origin, you can connect any of the organizations of Olim in Israel from the list below. Click here.

Organizations of Olim in Israel
Alef Ledoroth - Association Francophones en Israel02.6234114
AIUAlliance Israelite
Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel072.2507400
AACIAssociation of Americans and Canadians in Israel02.5661181
AICEOAssociation of Israelis of Central European Origin
Vereinigung der Israelis mitteleuropaischer Herkunft
Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel03.6964812
Association of Tunisian Jews09.8333477
Beit Oleh America - Netanya AACI09.8330950
Bulgarian Jews
Damascus (Syria) Jewry Organization in Israel03.6881567
ESRAEnglish Speaking Residents Association - Volunteering together for the community09.9508371
Gvahim training and workshops for qualified olim from around the world03.5347538
Historical Society of Jews From Egypt
Indian Jewish Community in Israel050.2212409
IOHIrgoen Olei Holland03.5625611
UJIAIsrael - British Olim Society02.6202475
Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews02.6233316
JIJAJerusalem Italian Jews Association02.6241610
Kurdish Jewry Organization02.6240850
NBNNefesh B'Nefesh - Aliyah from North America and from the United Kingdom1.212.734.2111
Organization of Romanian Expatriates in Israel03.6121533
OBIOriginaires de Belgique en Israel02.6223022
Other Olim organizations
PNAIParents of North American Israelis
Shavei Israel - Israel returns02.6256230
Telfed - South African Zionist Federation in Israel09.7446110
Union of Jews from Turkey in Israel03.6582936
World Congress of Georgian Jews03.6204557
World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
World Organization of Libyan Jews03.5336268

After Making Aliyah

Please visit our "Step-by-step" Guide of a first arrival to Israel as a New Oleh.

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