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  • Learning Biblical Hebrew

    Hebrew Learning Games

    Learning Hebrew by Reading

    Online Newspapers

    • Hebrewtoday.com
      Yanshuf is a bi-weekly, virtual, easy-Hebrew newspaper that covers current events from Israel and around the world, as well as other subjects such as Science and Technology, Sports, Culture and more.

    • List of all Israeli Newspapers

    Hebrew books

    Children's Books

    • Tilda.edu-negev.gov.il
      A list of online children stories targeting various vocabulary groups with comprehension guides at the end.

    • israelbooks.com
      A product list of Hebrew children's books (in print) for purchase.

    • Datia.co.il
      Cute online books, poems and plays on words for children.

    • Songs.co.il
      Story book songs for children in Hebrew.

    Hebrew Tutorials

    Dictionaries and Vocabulary

    Ulpan online

    • Eteacherhebrew.com
      eTeacher's Hebrew lessons are conducted live and online, by a certified native instructor located in Israel. Classes are conducted via live video conferencing technology and students use their personal computer to log in to a virtual classroom and participate in a lesson. Course materials include a combination of classic and online content that has been developed specifically for online learning. The program consists of 8 different levels from complete beginners to highly advanced students.

    • Ulpanet.com
      Speak, read and write Hebrew, in a few weeks, at your own pace and on your own schedule, at minimum cost. Modern Hebrew language on-line courses that provide you the tools to learn Hebrew at your own convenience. Courses are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education. We are pleased to offer all Nefesh b’Nefesh olim an amazing discount: 30% off on your subscription. Please enter "nbn" in the discount box to receive your special discount. Our staff has designed this program to enable internet users maximum effectiveness in gaining Hebrew proficiency from the comfort of their homes or offices. We are doing our best to make our courses attractive and accessible to all. Don't hesitate to contact us with any question.

    • Ulpanor.com
      Study Hebrew online with a personal Hebrew coach. Ulpan Or offers study kits, workshops and online tutors. You can choose to study a particular vocabulary set, such as focusing on learning the professional language you need for your vocation.

    • Learning Hebrew with Berlitz
      With 10 schools in Israel and 550 schools in over 70 countries, either in class or online, the Berlitz method is the fastest and most effective way to learn Hebrew.

    • Hebrewclasses.co.il
      Online Hebrew course taught by Seth Young and Gidon Ariel. Covers Hebrew grammar and vocabulary. 


    • Hebrewpodcasts.com
      Learn Hebrew Online teaches you to speak conversational Hebrew. Each lesson covers a topic with an interesting Hebrew dialog. Each Hebrew lesson is further enhanced by a lesson guide, video, and flash cards. This site includes flash cards and video lessons. Each video includes the entire lesson with graphics, captions, and animation. You can read along when you learn Hebrew online, or using a video-capable player such as an iPod or iPhone.

    • Learnhebrewpod.com
      Learnhebrewpod.com utilizes modern web technology for the purpose of teaching conversational skills with interactive methods. This site offers Hebrew podcast lessons, Hebrew audio lessons, Hebrew training and practicing, online learning games, quizzes and other fun interactive activities to help you practice your Hebrew, and Hebrew interactive audio-visual reading lessons.

    • Milingua.com
      MILINGUA offers Web-based, online Hebrew learning lessons and resources for a yearly subscription fee. It includes more than 2200 Web pages of Hebrew learning materials. The Hebrew courses and the other learning materials include thousands of sentences that cover a vocabulary of 5,200 words and represent about 400 hours of learning.


    • Pimsleur
      Conversational Hebrew (Modern): Learn to Speak and Understand Hebrew with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur)

    • T.E.S.
      Torah Educational Software includes Hebrew resources for adults.

    • Rosettastone
      Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software site.

    • Eurotalk
      Talk Now! by Topics Entertainment.

    • Transparent Language
      Learn Hebrew Now! by Transparent Language, Inc.

    • Smiles Productions
      Speak Hebrew! by Smiles Productions.

    Hebrew Software for Kids

    • T.E.S. Children
      Hebrew resources for children.

    • Artscroll Alef to Tav
      For young preschoolers or those trying to crack the Hebrew Language barrier this program has what it takes. In addition if your mother tongue is Hebrew, English, French or Spanish, the entire instruction can be in the language of your choice. Preschool and up.

    • Hebrew Tutor
      Hebrew Tutor teaches over a thousand words used in Tanach and daily Hebrew conversation. Hebrew Tutor will not only teach you the words it will pronounce the words in a clear human voice with the correct Israeli inflection. And don't worry if you missed the pronunciation the first time the computer will repeat it, and repeat it until you get it right.  Ages 9 and up.

    • Aleph Bet Trainer
      Alef Bet Trainer teaches your child in an easy to follow step by step process of letter identification including distinctions in different but similar and often confused letters. Preschool and up.

    Alphabet and Basic Hebrew

    • jr.co.il 
      Online and printable Hebrew alphabet charts which include the Hebrew letters in three formats: block, script, and Rashi. The charts also have the numeric value of each letter.

    • instanthebrew.com
      An online course that will help you start reading  Hebrew in just 2 hours.

    • Jewishwebsight.com
      Teaches you the Hebrew Alphabet (without sound)

    • Darkwing.uoregon.edu
      Teaches you the Hebrew alphabet. The tutorials on this site are designed to reinforce vocabulary and spelling for beginning students of modern Hebrew. Some tutorials show words in Hebrew and ask for the English translation. Other tutorials display a series of simple words or phrases in English and ask the visitor to type in the Hebrew translation.

    • Levsoftware.com
      This site shows you how to write the Aleph Bet.
    • Laits.utexas.edu
      Online tutorial from the University of Texas, offering a series of lessons that focus on reading and comprehension.

    • Instanthebrew.com
      A one-time course that teaches you how to read Hebrew in 2 hours. 

    Children Learn the Aleph-Bet

    • Torahtots.com
      has printable coloring book pages for children to learn the Hebrew letters as well as vocabulary corresponding to each letter.

    Writing and Virtual Keyboard

    Sources: NBN.org.il, Hebrew-language.com

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