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Long-term volunteering programs

Project Sunshine Project Sunshine empowers a dynamic and dedicated corps of over 15,000 volunteers to bring programming - recreational (arts), educational (tutoring and mentoring) and social service (HIV and nutritional counseling) - to 100,000 children facing medical challenges and their families in 175 cities across the United States and in four international locations: Canada, China, Israel and Kenya... Learn more
One in Nine provides patients and their families with support, information and the protection of rights, and leads advanced and equality promoting policy regarding the disease. With your support, One in Nine will be able to continue its efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer, support patients and fight for equal services and the inclusion of vital medications in the health basket.... Learn more
HaKeren L'Yedidut The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein to promote understanding between Jews and Christians and build broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. Our ministry's vision is that Jews and Christians will reverse their 2,000-year history of discord and replace it with a relationship marked by dialogue, respect, and cooperation... Learn more
Latet Israeli Humanitarian Aid was established in 1996 with the aim of providing assistance to needy populations in Israel and around the world, based on a universal and egalitarian platform and by mobilizing the civilian society in Israel toward involvement in the umanitarian effort... Learn more
Young Judaea Year Course in Israel is a 9-month program of formal and informal education for recent high school graduates. Spend a dynamic year living, volunteering and studying in Israel. Placements include: Bat Yam Studies, Community Volunteering, Army, Magen David Adom and more. Participants earn up to a year's worth of college credit through the American Jewish University while building leader... Learn more
MADA - Magen David Adom. The youth come from all over the world to Israel and take a 2 week course where they learn the skills and trades to become a first responder, after the course the volunteers are spread out to the MDA stations throughout Israel. The volunteer period can be from 5 weeks to more then a year. Some MDA Alumni youth return to Israel after a period of time in order to continue volunteering or even to become an MDA Instructor... Learn more

Ruach Tova

Ruach-Tova is the one-stop shop for any individual, group or organization wishing to volunteer, and for any person, group or organization requiring aid. Ruach-Tova took upon itself the task of developing volunteerism in Israel – and to do so, we provide counseling, guidance and assistance to both the volunteers and the recipients of their help. More Details
Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa offers English-speaking college graduates from around the world the opportunity to live, volunteer and study in Tel Aviv or Jaffa for 5 or 10 months doing Social Action or Coexistence work. Along with volunteers from around the world, participants live with Israeli peers. The ongoing interaction with young adults from all over the world will help enrich and enhanc... Learn more
VFP (Volunteer For Peace) offers over 3000 affordable, short-term voluntary service projects in 100+ countries, including over 15 in Israel. These international voluntary service projects are an opportunity to participate in meaningful community service while living and interacting in an intercultural environment. Volunteer projects vary greatly since they arise wherever there is a need in a given community... Learn more
Volunteer with Oranim Israel Programs. With our volunteering in Israel based in communities with large immigrant populations, Community Involvement participants will be able to feel the difference they're volunteering has done within the community... Learn more
Global Nomadic Ltd We specialize in providing Serious and Affordable Volunteer & Internship Opportunities. Global Nomadic has been set up with the express intention to offer impartial and specific, accurate advice & field placement to individuals seeking to put their efforts to good use... Learn more
OTZMA Israel: Internship and Volunteering Participants have the opportunity to learn Hebrew, travel Israel, volunteer in developing communities, participate in a professional internship with a non-profit organization, access to excellent educational seminars, opportunites to learn about the Jewish non-profit world and how the Federation system works, build long lasting friendships and connections, and get to know the real Israel... Learn more
LeadEarth - Environmental and Social Entrepreneurship LeadEarth is a leadership program for young professionals who want to gain experience in social action, community empowerment, and environmental and international development. Volunteers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Israeli and Indian life. In the first part of the program, participants live study and volunteer in Kibbutz Ein Zivan. Receive professional training in the fields ... Learn more
Ve'ahavta - Kinder Kits Israel The Kinder Kits program aims to provide educational supplies to underprivileged children. Without the proper tools to learn, a child's success is dramatically decreased. 150,000,000 children around the world leave school illiterate and 1 in 6 children live in poverty in Canada. Ve'ahavta has committed to providing Kinder Education Kits containing the necessary supplies for a child's academic year... Learn more
ALUT - Volunteer with Autistic People Volunteers primarily assist the residents with daily needs by providing physical care and moral support. Activities include helping out of bed, showering, using the toilet, dressing/undressing clothing and serving food. Volunteers also accompany residents to the supermarket, clinic, hospital, or park. Work Hours: There are 2 shifts available: 06:30-15:30, 15:30-22:00... Learn more
Netzer Year The program involves extensive travel throughout the country of Israel, intense leadership training, Hebrew and Jewish immersion studies, and hands-on volunteer work. Throughout the program, participants live, volunteer and learn alongside their Netzer peers from around the world... Learn more
Would Unite! You can freely combine the following volunteering options for the duration of one to three weeks each:
* Nursery school for children with developmental delay
* Community centre - course leader for children and youth
* Home and swimming with mentally challenged women
* Farm: Olives and pomegranates... Learn more
Amirim participants Intern or Volunteer four times per week, five hours a day at non-profit organizations in their area of interest. We offer a variety of internship and volunteer opportunities that address important issues in contemporary Israeli society. At the end of the program participants will receive a certificate thanking them for their service and will include the internship/volunteer placement and hours worked... Learn more
The Silent Arrow Desert Lodge is a little guest house, near Mitzpe Ramon, We need volunteers to help in hosting and cleaning the place and spend a desert time with us. The volunteers work is to welcome the guests, show them around, be there at the site for them, for any help or questions and keeping the place always nice and clean. The volunteers sleep at the site at the volunteers tent. We also supply the food for the volunteers. The minimum time we take volunteers is one month... Learn more
The Nazareth Trust SERVE Nazareth is an opportunity to serve in Nazareth, Israel. We work alongside local churches and the community as well as our hospital helping in various wards. Serving the community of Nazareth and building relationships is an experience that will grow and shape you in amazing ways! Opportunities to learn language, cultural and Biblical understanding as well as other areas of teaching will be... Learn more
Volunteer-Germany Volunteer-Germany is a non-profit organization involved in an international volunteer program in Germany and Israel. Together with our partner organizations we work with numerous volunteers across Germany and the State of Israel. All of our projects take place in the field of education. We believe that in this way we are able to incorporate all of our beliefs and ideas... Learn more
WUJS Israel Hadassah runs 5 and 10 months program for Jewish college graduates from around the world between ages 21 and 35. The program offers four specialized tracks: Jerusalem Learning, Arts Program, Peace & Social Justice, and Intern Tel Aviv. WUJS participants up to age 30 qualify for grants from the Israeli government's Project MASA... Learn more
YFWP - The Youth Federation for World Peace in Partnership with the Universal Peace Federation has initiated a series of interreligious encounters, fact-finding trips, cultural initiatives, athletic programs, and service projects as part of its Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI). Bringing young leaders from the world's faith traditions, young business leaders and parliamentarians, and leaders from civil society, MEPI participants meet with Palestinian and Israeli leaders... Learn more
WIZO The Women's international Zionist organization is a non-party international movement dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, welfare of all sectors of israeli society and encouragement of jewish education in Israel and the diaspora. Interning with the World WIZO Fundraising Dept will give volunteers the opportunity to gain valuable experience while volunteering for a top organization dedicated to the betterment of women, children and the elderly in Israel... Learn more
Aardvark Israel offers several program options in Israel for Jewish students ages 17-22. The Gap Year Program is a 9-month university program in Israel. The Semester Program offers students that can not spend a full year away from their home campus the same great program previously only available to gap year participants as a 5-month option. Ideal for students from the Southern Hemisphere, the Semester Plus Program provides students a 6 1/2 month option beginning in mid-January until July... Learn more
SCI - Baladna (Association for Arab Youth) Baladna is an Arab youth organization founded to give Arab youth in Israel a non-partisan, comfortable forum for youth activities and informal education, centering on a discussion of identity. A registered non-profit organization, Baladna aims to strengthen Arab youth's understanding of democracy and gender equality, to foster pluralism and tolerance, and to enable a discussion and debate about Arab Palestinian history, grievances and culture... Learn more
Adam le Adam At Adam leAdam we believe that every Senior in Israel is entitled to enjoy his or her life in dignity. Today it's Him, tomorrow, You or Me By showing concern for Him, we are assuring a better future for Ourselves As members of a concerned and responsible society, it is our duty to be responsible for one another... Learn more
Kedma - Students volunteering for Israel. KEDMA is a student organization with branches in Israel and the US. We work with university and yeshiva students, assisting disadvantaged communities in Israel while actualizing the concepts of social justice and tikkun olam through innovative programming. Learn more
Ma'on San Simon - Home for Disabled People Volunteers primarily assist the residents with daily needs by providing physical care and morale support. Activities include helping out of bed, showering, using the toilet, dressing/undressing clothing and serving food. Volunteers also accompany residents to the supermarket, bank, clinic, hospital, park etc. Occasionally volunteers may go with residents on shopping trips, out for coffee, to a movie, to visit their family or to take a mini-vacation... Learn more
Livnot U'Lehibanot The name Livnot U'Lehibanot, which in Hebrew means To Build and To Be Built, refers to the physical contribution the participants make to the building of the Land of Israel, and to the knowledge and experiences gained during the program. Livnot is a community experience. Participants learn, hike, work, live and explore Judaism together... Learn more
Adamama - Educational eco-farm. We regard this experience as an ecological training. Along with you, we will practice a sustainable way of life. The volunteers will join our community and will do various tasks on the farm including organic agriculture, mud building and general maintenance of the farm... Learn more
Yad Sarah For many volunteers, working at Yad Sarah is a rehabilitative experience in itself: the “corps” of volunteers includes retired people, people who are themselves somewhat disabled, people who could easily be on the “receiving” end of the services they supply. The new volunteer undergoes special training for the job. In the more demanding jobs, there is professional supervision and trouble-shooting. With time, the volunteer is given more specialized training and upgrading... Learn more
Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Do you love animals? Do you care about nature and the environment? Would you like to do something meaningful and rewarding? Why not come and join our circle of zoo volunteers! More than 50 animal lovers volunteer at the zoo on a weekly basis in a veriety of departments. They help the keepers in their daily routine, the zoo clinic, photography, and more... Learn more
CAARI (Canadian American Active Retirees in Israel) offers a unique opportunity to experience Israel. Explore the biblical landscapes, follow the footsteps of the early pioneers, and envision the future of our Homeland. CAARI offers an in-depth view of Israel for active seniors by providing them the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture and to connect with Israel’s vibrant people. The program includes community service, tours, a speakers forum... Learn more

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